little tips and ideas here...

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little tips and ideas here...

Post  Ulrek on Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:01 pm

okay so...

right off hand i can think of a few guild type closed off spots...

1 a drow forum just one for now since there isnt a large number of drow but if we get a few it couldnt hurt

2 a underworld black market forum spot for the shady types to trade meet and greet and plan black market deals and raids and such...

3 it could be a good idea to set up some type of real city guard type thing with sell swords and maybe guard PCs if we get any...

i may think of more later but for now thats it...

if you want a request for this not just the ideas..

... i would like the black market forum... would be a good idea to keep underhanded dealings out of the spot light of a public forum you know...

(yes i know this is a little out of what this area of the forum was made for but i'm just offering a few ideas...)

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