the taxman issue

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the taxman issue

Post  BobbyBrown15 on Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:35 pm

ok here is the thing, he either needs to be removed, or the judge you are supposed to be able to go to put in, he taxes everyone randomly. I have been taxed 5 times in 1 day. One time i even just went through a portal to tivook, and he taxed me. THROUGH THE PORTAL!!!!! I am sick of this since he can also bug up and take an insane amount off of you too, i am sure this has happened to others, so the judge should be put in soon, or the taxman be removed until he does. Otherwise no one can even get their money back at all. And if he is just bugged he needs to be fixed, he has been doing this for months, since i got here actually.
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Re: the taxman issue

Post  anntari on Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:29 pm

I do tend to agree something needs changing with him... Earlier today i was taxed with.. err forget the exact words, but it was for cluttering up the street... Here's the kicker, i had just teleported to Parasowel and he was right there talking to me before my screen even loaded. Not a very big tax, sure but... Also got charged with the magical scroll thing twice today... as well as one other one... Its not to bad I suppose, having a tax man about but its a bit un-realistic to be taxed for the same tax twice in an IG week, as well as being taxed for cluttering the street when you were out for less then a second...

PS: due to my thoughts on him during my instinctive just typing it out as i think of it i had to go back replacing every "taxed" because the word "charged" was there...(implying I see him more as a criminal fine collector rather than a taxman right now xD)

My vote is that when there's free time about his script is edited to not tax the same thing to a character more than once every RL 3(or 4) days, being an IG month. As well as the man the tax collector says to protest to put it or more locatable if he does exist.
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