Leasing Property

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Leasing Property

Post  Animayhem on Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:47 pm

Right now if you lease a property the first time you get a discriptive key.
ie "Hotel california" Then if you go and renew the term before it expires you get a blank key. Which means if you lease a property on a week by week basis then you willhave seven keys besides the discriptive. You must have the discriptive key in order to access your property. If it is lost you cannot enter so you have to go back cancel your lease then start it fresh.

Maybe a script like when you get the key it may say "Ar'ys Hotel California" so it would know that A'rys has that key and if she fails to renew or decides not to it will go back generic waiting for the next person.

I think the script would be simular to when you buy a horse at it automatically say the name of the one who bought it.
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