Meta Channels for chat?

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Meta Channels for chat?

Post  Elgate on Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:27 pm

I'm pretty sure this doesn't require a hak but an alteration to the chat files for the server, but I know of one server I played on set up a meta channel for chat.
This meant that rather than have a server wide party, which could cause issues, instead they had a 'meta channel' that people could get invited into and had an orange text to make it clear it was a different channel. Because DMs weren't invited, this chat channel didn't flood the IC channels they were watching for events, didn't pop up above the chars head IG and also meant people could chat server wide without having to party. Like a multi-tell.

I'm wondering what people think of this as an alternative to party chats as sever chats. Personally I like OOC chat, when it doesn't disrupt RP, because it can help keep Players on level with each other, especially when the characters don't get along/ wouldn't go anywhere near each other.

I'm not entirely sure how this server made it, but I'm sure one of the other script and file savy people will be able to figure out how and what.
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