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S for language

Post  kenjo on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:19 pm

Suggestion for staring language for race and class

Abyssal= Racial language for chaotically aligned tieflings
Staring class CE Cleric

Animal language= Racial language for fey, gnolls
Staring class Ranger and Druid

Celestial=god and angle or celetial
Staring class Good Cleric

Draconic= Racial for dragon and language for spell
Staring class Red Dragon Disciple and Wizard

Dwarven= Racial language for dwarves
Staring class Dwarves

Elven= Racial language for Elves, Half-Elves
Staring class Elf and half- elf

Gnomish= Racial language for Gnomes
Staring class Gnomes

Halfling= Racial language for halflings
Staring class halflings

Infernal= Racial language for lawfully aligned tieflings
Staring class LE aligned clerics

Sign language= Racial language for Drow

Thieves cant= Class language for rogues
Staring classClass language for rogues

Undercommon= Racial language for Drow, Druegar, Kobold, Goblin, Orog

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Re: S for language

Post  Eriniel on Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:43 pm

Given the exception of the following the above list is already inplace:
Abyssal - Staring class CE Cleric
Celestial - Staring class Good Cleric
Infernal - Staring class LE aligned clerics
Sign language - Racial language for Drow
(Don't have 'sign language' yet, but Nice suggestion thanks, will definitely look into that)

Also have Goblin, Orcish, Giantish, Sylvan (Appropriate Elven race), Snake (Reptilian creatures, Yuna-ti), Elemental (Elemental creatures).
Animal language has various sub-dialects depending on who is speaking/speaking to (canine, feline, etc)
Languages can be learned by study (INT based)
The amount of languages you get on start is also INT and dice based (ie, whether a Wizard knows Draconic, etc)

More language suggestions welcome of cause Very Happy

Very Happy

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