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Post  Pigron on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:38 pm

I have been trying out the log books and have noticed there is no way to go back and edit if I make a mistake.
It would help for making more concise entries when you discover something extra about something or if you mangle the spelling to have editing capabilities.

Is it possible to have a conversation option to delete a page?

Also, [Edit Title] is only available once when you first choose a title. There is an option to go back to the cover page, but there is no option to change the title. The description on the book object suggests that you can do this. Perhaps it is just an oversight in the conversation tree?

Also note that book retrieval is not working. Trying to retrieve a book deletes your log book from inventory. See 4.[Library Instructions]/ 1.[Retrieve Book]/ 1.[All Books]. The log book is also deleted if you choose [Only My Books] and make a selection as well. It does not matter if the log book you use is blank, has unsaved writing or is the same book as the title you are retrieving. All will be deleted

For now, I suggest players keep rough notes on paper and just write your entries all at once if you want a book that is polished and easy to read.

If it is impossible to delete an entry once it is accepted, perhaps something just as good would be a preview command. //view (abbreviated to //v)* could show what has been heard and broadcast as a server message the same way //? currently can be used to review instructions. Then you could use the existing [Done] conversation option to accept, or the [Leave] option to cancel, allowing you to start the page again.

This would allow you to see the formatting of your page beforehand ( to avoid errors like using //place in the middle of a page which double spaces and spoils the page)

A wiki entry with instructions and examples might be a good idea as well.

*Original post suggested //preview as the preview option. Abbreviating that to //p would conflict with the //place command. //v is a good alternative when thinking, "View what I just wrote," or, "Give me a visual"

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