Clerics custom spells/domains and guilds

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Clerics custom spells/domains and guilds

Post  eve_of_disaster on Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:55 am

I would definatly like to see something made for the clerics that isn't just detrimental. So I make this post for the purpose of people putting in ideas.

I am thinking, for the sake of making it easier for the builders, to have one cleric/divine-caster guild for each section of alignments, like one for all the good alignments, one for the neutrals and one for the evils. You could let all worshipping divine caster get into the guild, including possibly blackguards on the evil side. So Paladins, clerics (maybe not druids), and monks (because monks makes sense), and blackguards on the evil side. That could be a good start and be built on for later if you need to narrow it down further, though since the playerbase isn't THAT large I think it would be good so that characters of similar convictions may unite. They obviously don't have to have the same deity, the guild good be comprised of just characters that fight for the common good with the backing of their gods.

For domains I'd really like to see something unique implemented for each domain that balances the "useless" domains with the good ones.

Your thoughts?
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