Magic Detection

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Magic Detection

Post  Dranz on Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:16 pm

I was thinking earlier, that it would make sense for more skilled users of magic to use a type of persistant magic detection, magic tracking so-to-speak. It would only work on things of magic, and could potentially be masked so you couldn't track them, but it would be interesting methinks.

EDIT: Spoke to EK and realized I was misunderstanding how alignment works. Still, I'll keep that there in case it jogs any ideas. Otherwise discuss the magic thing.

EDIT RETURNZ: Removed the alignment part because I can't see anything constructive coming from it. Discuss the other thing.

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Re: Magic Detection

Post  eve_of_disaster on Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:23 am

In DnD the alignments are completely objective on a scale where everything is absolute all the time. This means that even if the majority of the world population are evil, which would make your evil actions sound and reasonable and even "good" in their and your own subjective perspective, it is in fact an evil action and you are gaining "evilpoints" for it. This is a very narrow, closeminded perspective and as such is not applicable to real life (except if you are a fanatic/extremist of some code/religion) but in a computer game it is the only thing that works. In pnp (Pen and paper) it would work less well I ímagine and is one of the reasons I think DnD is better as a system for the PC than for storytelling. Smile

On most local vault servers, me and the players I used to play with, usually disregarded alignments entirely since they only limit your imaginative interpretation of your characters actions in the way that the alignment you belong to always in one way or another dictates your characters personality.

I realise I'm kind of sliding off topic now, but the alignment discussion always riles me up. Smile

I think your idea may be hard to translate fully into the game because in fact all or most of the -major- actions your pc takes should have a motive, a purpose and a consequence and as such affect the alignment-scale. But there can never be a system that accurately interprets all your actions and transforms them into evil- or good-points, especially not in a game where the focus lies with RP and not on following a linear storyline like the Official Campaign. The closest thing you could come to accurately implementing a system like this is to remove any "alignment-penalty" on actions like the one you describe. Then you can leave it up to the player to remember her PC's actions and on her own accord change the alignment - or ask for it to be changed - of the PC.
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Re: Magic Detection

Post  Ragdoll_Knight on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:35 pm

i've gotten in the habit of asking PCs why they did something, before assigning alignment points.
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Re: Magic Detection

Post  GM_ODA on Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:36 am

Just to add a footnote, Detect Magic has been added.

Be well. Game on.
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Re: Magic Detection

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