2015 NWN PLAYER POLL for Argentum Regio (QUESTION 1)

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2015 POLLS: How difficult is it to find MONSTER-LAIRS/DUNGEONS on the server?

9% 9% 
[ 1 ]
36% 36% 
[ 4 ]
45% 45% 
[ 5 ]
9% 9% 
[ 1 ]
0% 0% 
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Total Votes : 11

2015 NWN PLAYER POLL for Argentum Regio (QUESTION 1)

Post  GM_ODA on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:28 am

I have here a short series of questions (regarding Argentum Regio) for our PLAYERS. If you would be so kind, please DO participate in the polls, but PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS as they relate to one another and become more helpful to us when we have the whole picture.


How difficult is it to find MONSTER-LAIRS/DUNGEONS on the server?

NEXT QUESTION : http://aldohral.forumotion.com/t2722-2015-nwn-player-poll-for-argentum-regio-question-2

Be well. Game on.
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Re: 2015 NWN PLAYER POLL for Argentum Regio (QUESTION 1)

Post  BenevolentDevil on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:33 pm

I think my vote of somewhat difficult needs an explination ...

I found the goblin caves before, by wandering ... and knew had to be "nearby" because of encounters on a roadway close to the area. I found lizard men caves before, by climbing/jumping and taking off beat paths ... barbarian/druid/natuery paths before.

Oda showed me troll area , and how to access the maze.

Sewers are easy to find ...

I recall ... something in vestula vaguely, but dunno if it was a "dungeon" per say, and Val had taken one of my characters to a cave system ... that I honestly don't recall how I got there now.

There are many places I hadn't explored or seen though ... some of it is simply, pay attention to your areas and surrounding, sometimes dependant on weather/time of day too.

It's not always easy though ... find a cave system, to find a not-so-trodden path far down the depths of it, to find an entrance ... isn't something most people are used to from PWs.
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