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Post  GM_ODA on Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:28 am


Some have recently suggested that I, GM_ODA, am "defensive when it comes to suggested changes to existing features/systems (but open to new features)". In this, I think maybe I am mis-read here, but I do have to play Devil's Advocate here when discussing changes/additions asking important questions such as

  1. what does it add?
  2. what system resource usage will it require?
  3. how difficult is it to script?
  4. does it require haks?
  5. how does it impact server security?
  6. how does it impact server stability?

I play the Devil's Advocate here when any change is suggested. I do this from the perspective of being one of two people with an overview to how the current scripted systems function and interplay among the other systems of the server. Each system currently in place was either

  1. Custom Made for Specific Purposes for This Server, or
  2. Selected from the Vault (after extensive search and evaluation of the scripts there, and in most cases undergone script overhaul by Eriniel or GM_ODA), or
  3. Custom Made System Inspired by a Vault System or PLAYER INPUT

In any case, the systems in-place were each selected/created with care and to specific purposes, in many cases use of these scripted features have been built-in to some Areas/Quests and changing these systems can be awkward and a time-intensive process.

Others have recently said that they feel "some features should be removed, the ones that are not used by anyone". Some of our features are really only useful (usable) by particular Races or Classes or Skill or Feat or combination of these. I will say up-front that removing features is something we do ONLY when doing so BENEFITS the server. When scripted systems cause no lag, cause no crashes, and are reasonably discrete until engaged, there is no reason to remove them. Just because YOUR PC does not use a feature, does not mean it is other than useful to someone else. So if you are going to posit that a feature needs to be removed, please offer a good explanation on what is improved by doing so.

Again, I am not being defensive but I have to act as the Devil's Advocate. All aspects of this server are very carefully considered, planned and scripted (by persons with 25+ years of programming experience).

Suggestions are always welcome, vigorously debated and some get adopted (but not all). Final selection of what is adopted and what is not is made by me, GM_ODA.

Be well. Game on.
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