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*Posted on bullentin boards all over Dorahl, Tivook, and Humfoodale*

Post  BenevolentDevil on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:33 pm

" Natasha Ravencloak's Glasswares for sale:

Made from the special fine sands only found in Vestalla Ilses , I offer fine wares that supplement some other crafts.
I specialize in blowing glass bottles , those needed for brewing potions, alchemy , and mayhaps other uses as well.
My price is 100 MU per bottle.
Currently I have 25 bottles in stock.

Also for sale, is quarts crystals. Nick offers me 10 MUs , so I will sell them for 20 MU a piece. I am uncertain what they are needed for, but I guess enchanters might know.
Currently I have 5 such crystals in stock.

Also for sale, "Grans of Sand" Shirkens - I sell these in lots of 5. If you do not know what these do ... these glass shirkens also induce sleep when striking an opponent. Or It has a chance to , depending on the constitution or toughness of a target.
A Lot of 5 will cost you 500 MUs.
I currently have 2 lots of 5 to sell in stock. ( these may be limited time offer only )

I can always be contacted by sending me a message magically ( give me a tell IG , or leave message here ) , or by asking about for me. I visit many places, and have no real home. I do visit Tivook the most though.
I can be contracted to go gain supplies to make more of any of these, or fill orders if one pays half my cost up front.
I can also bring you base sand I use , I will charge by the pound ... at 200 MUs a pound. ( roughly 3 sand per pound I think.)
I will also "trade" if you have something I might want or can use.
I will also "trade" wares for information's I already do not know.

* scribbled in hastily under *
I also have 2 vials of fairy dust to sell currently. I do not make these, only occasionally find them. These are not "on demand" items. "

// OOC - I understand the component is actually a tad easy to gain, and the items she offers are very mundane ... but I'm going off the "idea" some folks craft , some brew potions, ect ... Natasha simply found a thing she was good at doing ( and can survive getting to the base component ) , and for mostly RP purposes she has something to offer , even if it's a small start.
To me this leaves the door "open" for some RP, a reason to contact her ... especially if you do herbology/alchemy ... as the bottles are needed in the recipes.
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