The Longest Night

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The Longest Night

Post  GM_ODA on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:51 pm


In the depths of winter our schedules get thin. Our players and DMs like most have families and friends and holidays to attend, college semester changes too. All of these things tend to turn down the scheduled games and activities a notch here on the forum and on the server.

Throughout the year, I (GM_ODA) and other active DMs often 'lurk' on the server, DMing pickup games for whomever we find on the server who is willing to join.

As of this writing our DM roster is as follows:

DM Aida - MIA ... this returning DM has been out of contact for a while and we are wondering if anything untoward may have happened. Aida, if you're out there, E.T. Phone Home!

DM Althaless - military, so only available when on leave.

DM Eriniel - our Lead Scripter and resident computer genius ... a busy lady but she sometimes does run games here, typically of the pickup sort.

DM Lady - one of our new DM Orientees; a clever and lore-wise regular is soon to make the transition to full DM - she is presently not running events but can aid PCs otherwise.

DM LOBO - a veterinary medicine student is in a busy time at the end of a semester and will rejoin us soon.

DM Reaver - a returning DM is just now getting back up to speed.

DM Salem - another of our veteran DMs but atm in a bit of RL chaos. I'm sure Salem will return to us as time permits.

GM_ODA - myself, I'm regularly around running pickup games and have been known to do weekly campaigns too if we get enough players pitching for a game on the same day/time. hmu

If you are new here, just login, a DM will likely manifest if not on the server already. We all look forward to meeting you on the server.

Be well. Game ON!


Be well. Game on.
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