Relative Mob Difficulty

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Relative Mob Difficulty

Post  Giggin on Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:16 pm

As a new player I've been finding it hard to engage with the interesting stuff I find along the way. After some thought I think I've figured out that its has to do with a combination of two things. 1) A finite number of lives, and 2) no way to judge relative difficulty. In un-modded game play this is handled by right clicking and examining a mob in order to find out if its effortless, easy, moderate, x, overpowering, impossible, etc... In Argentum Regio however I have no way of knowing and thus I find myself shying away from engaging anything at lower levels. I spoke with GM Oda about this, who seemed to be not fond of an outright system of judging relative strength. Though after some discuss we arrived at the notion of some sort of skill / class level based system of being able to determine relative strength. For example, maybe martial characters could be judged by the highest (or a combination of) spot/wis/martial class level, while caster characters could be judged by some combo of spot/int/caster class level. Clearly these specifics have some issues (clerics/druids/etc.. who can be martial or casters), but what do you all think of the general idea? How else could this be handled if you agree it should?

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Re: Relative Mob Difficulty

Post  Cowbot on Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:35 pm

My biggest problem in the beginning was not the difficulty of monsters. The monsters actually scale really well the further you get from the city. Rats are easiest and are in the city itself, goblins, orcs, trogs, and ants are all very easy and near the city, venture further out you find trolls and dire boars, then giants and ettins, and then giant spiders, etc, all progressively gaining in difficulty as you get further away from the city.

The problem I had was the insane mixing of CR. The bandits are a very good example of this: bandit rogues, clerics, archers, etc., are all about the same CR and a good challenge for PCs. Then the bandit chief comes and swings for 40+ damage with an AB of +18 and murders you instantly.

I fight troglodytes, they're tough and a challenge but if I fight smart I can avoid being swarmed. Oh but suddenly there is a huge elder earth elemental that hits me once for over half my HP.

These insanely tough monsters should not be mixed in with groups appropriate for lower leveled PCs unless circumstance gives you ample time to predict it'll be rough. Have a huge gate with big fire, have goblins standing around a ritual circle that summoned something in the next room, stuff like that. If a big boss is going to show, it needs to be telegraphed. Suddenly having one show up next to Tivook Crossing is not a good thing to happen (this has happened multiple times to me).

I also hate things spawning on top of you with no warning, but this server is actually OK about that. I've seen much worse. The only times it has happened is when I was fighting ants and undead, and it makes sense for them to burst from the ground (though one or two rounds of sound to give me a warning before they spawn would be nice.) Oh, I also had an incredibly powerful eagle swoop down and murder me once while I was fighting troglodytes.

That said, an appraisal skill based on spot or other skills wouldn't be bad, and it'd give something for scouts and rogues to do.

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