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My schedule for NWN ... Empty My schedule for NWN ...

Post  BenevolentDevil on Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:42 pm

I go by awfrailey or toadsquish on steam ( feel free to add me) , I play the EE version now.  
Here and my log in should be BenevolentDevil  on the server.

I am USA based, central time zone , and I play late evenings up until around midnight , but I do try to cut off around 10-11 somewhere in there through weekdays.
 I don't really have "set days" to play , and my schedule is simply tentative to what went on during the day, and there will be times I'm not on NWN at all for a day or two.
Weekends I generally have more time to play , but I still tend to be an evening into the night player even then.

I am saying all this, in hopes of coordinating with others that play here, return here , and for any new folks of course too.  

Currently my only character is Burrag , he goes by Burr ... a half Orc barbarian , he's not very pretty or too awful bright , but despite his blood, tries to be a nice guy.  
 I can make other characters though , to fit others playing better ( even alignments ) , or if in case level gaps are an issue ...  just PM me in game, and request I make another character, pool one from my character list ( I hadn't yet, but I like making my character, getting them through Noob-U first, before locking them away for use later. ) Or steam message, or maybe leave a message or post here.
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