Craft Armor/Robe Feedback

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Craft Armor/Robe Feedback

Post  Vials on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:54 am

A quick deal about armor.

One, it paralyzes you when you put it on and for so many rounds you are unable to move and locked into a 'crouching' position.

Two, when crafting your armor.. this happens repeatedly and while it does let you out of it eventually.. it's very very hard to see what exactly you're doing while you're in the crouched animation.

If possible, maybe make an area specifically to null the paralyze/rounds to put on armor so that you can craft easy (possibly the OOC starting areas)

If this is simply a script tied to the armor itself and could not be turned off in a room specifically.. then, maybe it is time to adopt what I have seen other servers do with Clothing Mannequins. You can copy your current gear to an NPC and style/color how you like and then get it copied back so you're not actually taking the armor off and on for each piece that you attempt to adjust.

Any other suggestions that can compliment are welcome additions to this to get around the paralyze/crouching (perhaps even just remove the crouching.. albeit that would look a little odd?). Mostly, the crouching limits what you can see when crafting your armor and in some cases to see what you did you're forced to wait until your avatar is standing up correctly to see what changes you made.

Thanks clown

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Re: Craft Armor/Robe Feedback

Post  eve_of_disaster on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:54 am

You can craft in the dmfi area which is through the swirling door-transition in the start-area. But I agree it should be possible at specifically designated smithies or tailors or so too. The mannquins are also a good idea imo, I've suggested it too before. Smile
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