On NWN:EE/Steam - reverting versions syncing with server :

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On NWN:EE/Steam - reverting versions syncing with server :

Post  BenevolentDevil on Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:48 pm

Ok, disclosure ... I followed Beamdog's news advice, saying how to revert our "updated" version, untill our PW here get newly updated.
I had horrible issues, and a couple of times, did not work for me.
Third time, it did work however ... *shrugs*

How you do it is,open your games list, right click on NWN , and click on your Beta tab.

In the box-list, select "oldstable" ,it should start downloading, and will re-"update" back to old version , allowing you to get back on AR , IF it works.

I experienced crashing the first two times, not sure why, but the only way I could fix, was by uninstall, and re-installing ... 4 hours worth of time spent each time.
So up to you all to judge, if it's worth doing ... I'm sure the server will be updated soon anyways.
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