Pixie arrows should be changed

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Pixie arrows should be changed

Post  eve_of_disaster on Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:56 am

When the pixie arrow hits someone they immediatly gets transformed into a pixie, lose all benefits from items, can't cast spells and are most likely heavily encumbered. They become sitting ducks and since resting is the only way to dispel it they will not make it out of the battle alive. There is no saving throw against this and spell resistance doesn't help either. From a pvp perspective they are the most imbalanced thing I've ever come upon... EVER. Razz

From an rp/IC perspective they make absolutely no sense. While every other spell, be it divine or arcane needs to pass somekind of check to work its magic on someone, the pixie arrow just needs to be aimed and fired. You could make the argument that wild magic created the pixie arrow but it still doesn't explain the lack of a saving throw so the only other explanation is that a god basically took part of his soul or something and squeezed it into the arrow and then as this holiest of holy items let it descend down into the hands of the archer, or rather the random shopowner who sells them.......

Ontop of this, when you manage to eventually dispel the effects, either by resting or dying your armor needs to be reapplied so your character will be standing frozen for X amount of rounds, unable to act or defend themselves. However, when they are finally done reequipping they will need to reequip EVERY item in their inventory that gives them any AC or stats because polymorphing gives some sort of bugged message to the system that the items arn't on the character.

As if this isn't enough, I've come across a bug when teleporting/using transitions when polymorphed (possibly just forced polymorphed like in the pixie-arrow case), which empties the spellbook if you have any. The spells arn't gone, you can still use them, but its a bother to memorise them since you can't see them in your spell-list anymore.

While the issue gets decided/sorted I would like to suggest that pixie-arrows not be used against pc's for any reason. Smile
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