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Post  GM_ODA on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:34 am

I GREATLY appreciate your kind post. In just THREE HOURS you generated 75 READS of that message

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and got two replies... the last of them from a player/dm of another server who, at his builders' recommendation comes HERE to see and experience "talent and attention to detail" - THIS is the kind of player generated posting we need to see more of - it greatly improves the perception of the server among the NWN players.

by StormbridgeDeathhail - posted on bioware board today:
"This world took some getting used to and I must admit that while I am a dedicated player and a Dungeon Master for another world, I do sometimes log-in to Argentum Regio to do some exploring. This world is actually one of several worlds recommended by the world I have been dedicated to. That servers owner maintains a list of worlds for her team to check out because she recognizes talent and attention to detail and wants us to have experiences outside our own world.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but as others have said, you must spend a bit of time exploring this world in order for the "little things" to coalesce and show you the bigger picture of what's going on. There are some great unique systems in here that might not seem to important or unique, but quite a few of them will quite literally save your PCs life force or expand the world you can explore.

I can definitely recommend this world to others."

Many thanks to all who post and help get the word out about this server and her features!


Be well. Game on.
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