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Pick pocketing

Post  eve_of_disaster on Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:10 pm

Currently pick pocketing seems to be quite heavily bugged. Where someone can even pick a pocket from far away. This is very exploitable. A PC can stand behind a wall or even, I've been told, in another AREA and pick pocket people by clicking their party icons... o.O'

Also, I think it should be impossible to pickpocket certain items, like armor, big swords and possibly items inside of bags. Its called Pick Pocket for a reason. An armor isn't hidden inside a pocket, and if it is through magical means then it should give some horrendous minuses to the roll to even be possible to manage such a feat. The same goes for most weaponry and in particular bigger things like halberds and bardiches or similar. There's no reasonable explanation for how a thief can swipe a weapon like that off of someone without notice.

Personally I think that pick pocket should only steal coins and smaller items... But before the bugs are worked out I would like to recommend making it not work on PC's at all.

Also a dm once picked a genie lamp off of my pc, it was inside a bag of holding in my inventory. Another player had told the dm he wanted to swipe it so he did the roll and the dm just took it out of there. The genie lamp weighs quite a bit and takes up 6 slots so its not something small you easily "pick" off of someone, you'd practically have to wrestle it off of them. Things like that seems highly suspect imo. o.O
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Re: Pick pocketing

Post  Vials on Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:50 pm

I've never liked Pick Pocket. So many things go unnoticed because pick-pocketing someone does not give them a prompt that it has happened.. they literally have to be inside their inventory to see things go missing.

Hence, if there were 'rules' that only a 2x2 item (max) could be taken and they grabbed something that isn't on your hotbars and not overly used until special purposes.. then you wouldn't notice and it could remain that way for days.. then what?

DMs/Admins generally (generally) do not get involved when things have been gone for longer than 48 hours on the servers I have played on.. and it's just a consequence of the system.

Personally, I would remove pick-pocketing all together or script it to solely be coins and 0 items. Items are sometimes valuable.. and if you want to devalue an item.. pick-pocketing should not be the way to do that.. but giving it a chance to break or a durability should be the way.

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