ConjuredFantasy's Cumulative Suggestion Collaboration.

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ConjuredFantasy's Cumulative Suggestion Collaboration.

Post  ConjuredFantasy on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:31 pm

Welcome to my ever growing thread of creative propositions for our server.
First line of business- Evidence System.

Systematicly, crime Dohral is currently limited to lack of tax payment and faction mess ups with the guards.
The guards of dohral have the immense duty of... greeters? Oh, and fodder for the night spawns.

What i'm saying is that the law in Dohral, atleast in my eyes, is completley underused.
Thus, with the idea's inspiration actually coming from a small server called Gallow's Bird that implements this sort of system to the extreme, I offer the idea of an evidence/indepth crime system.

Basics include that when one commits a crime, such as breaking into a house or building to burgle, steal, or even murder, evidence is left behind of the crime similar to our Tracks system. Those who commit such a crime would have the option to attempt to erase the evidence, most likely based on a skill that I can't quite put my mind to: Search? Set Trap (might be a bit of a strech)? Etc.

After a period of time, the law would eventually be alerted if evidence remains, and if enough evidence remains to direct the crime to a certain individual, that individual would be counted as a suspect. Guards would be more wary of such a person, with lowered favor or would actually approach the person for questioning. After enough evidence from THAT particular crime or a cumulation of crime's evidence that lead back to that person, Guards would attempt to assault, restrain, and jail the person, thus making crime a more risky business in Dohral.

If we would want to make it even deeper, which here comes an interesting part which I don't believe even Gallow's Bird thought of, Information of the people could be given out with rewards and bountys, so that the law can be taken into the hands of other players and or NPC bounty hunters.

It all seems quite complex, (even though I thought asking ODA about making a doppleganger character was going to put him into a coma but he replied with a simple way of doing it Shocked , so you never know how fast Eriniel and ODA can put things into action) but I believe that such a system would enrich our server with an immense advancement of our current Greeters and Balor Fodder that we call guards.

P.S. Doppleganger characters will be a topic i'll bring up soon Wink

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