Deities request (again??)

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Deities request (again??)

Post  eve_of_disaster on Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:53 am

I would so love it if deities had some more information about them that could be used for rp. And that the temples had more going for them too. My first cleric character can't cast some of her spells for some reason. I don't know why. I've been given max Divine Favor as a test before to see if she can cast them. Used her holy symbol but to no avail. I've heard from a bunch of players that they agree about clerics, it simply doesn't seem fun to play a cleric.

I know I've compared arcane casters to clerics before and been critizising the differences out of a balance perspective so I won't do that now, but I seriously think that clerics should get some work done on them next because currently they are just not really worth playing, in my oppinion - constantly failing spells and each time that happens they get cursed and lose 5 attribute points in each attribute. For example, I was playing my new cleric to Gameter and she was defending her temple during an "improv. event" - literally standing outside the gates fighting off undead when she casts one of her undead-killer spells and Gameter curses her for not having prayed enough. At that point it felt like her gods intelligence and wisdom ought to be somewhere between 3 and 5.

I suggest that instead of spells costing a certain amount of divine favor, divine favor would diminish by IC time spent without praying. Like after a certain amount of time there would be a message telling the pc that her god wants to hear those lovely prayers and when you do pray you get another few ooc hours without having to rush all the way to the temple and pray. I also think that one pilgrimage to the temple and perhaps even a slightly longer cutscene prayer should max divine favor instantly instead of this camping outside the temple you need to do currently.

For pc's "in the field" there is no real way of telling how much favor you have from your god and so you find out the hard way when the god curses you. Instead of punishing clerics into roleplaying their deities (this "rp" currently consists of taking loooong breaks from rp to go to a temple and camp outside of it so you can keep praying to bolster DF), you could add a second effect to spells or something to encourage good rp and make the players feel wanted by their god. The second effect could be something like the party is healed for 1d6+cleric level hp from 1/10 spells casted in the support of their god. Just something nifty to actually give clerics a boon, rather than a bat. I do know there are special prayers made especially for clerics, like custom spells, but I haven't had the time or the Divine Favor to investigate them yet - having just realised I simply don't want to play a cleric at this time.

That a cleric chooses a deity should in my oppinion be a testament to their faith, while it currently feels like they are being whipped into obedience with constant penalties and harsh punishment. It feels like the current cleric is more of an unmoving buddha, a statue in the corner of Tivook Inn, a gimmick npc with restorative spells if some other brave adventurer gets hurt, and not a living breeding inhabitant of Argentum Regio. And certainly not as vibrant and colorful as the versatile wizards and sorcerers.
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Re: Deities request (again??)

Post  KangTheMad on Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:54 pm

Didn't you know? It isn't Deity Favor anymore, its Deity Hate. Smile

Though I do agree the system should be changed, so something like that doesn't happen.

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