BUG Report: Area Specifics, Ropes, TMIs

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BUG Report: Area Specifics, Ropes, TMIs

Post  Dark Defiance on Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:23 pm

GM_ODA - we discussed some of these in game earlier today or on the BW Social. I'm reposting it here for reference.

Area Specific:
Dorhal - Western Rural: Floating bush.

Dorhal - * Rural [Multiple Areas]: Regarding the farmers (who have no name) seem to be conglomerating. The possible cause might be they are spawning in the area while there are no players. As such the standard NWN AI would default to AI_LOW. This would essentially make them dumb and not respond to various issued commands. This is only based on my experiance in my PW and may not be the case if you are not using the standard AI.

Dohral - Mid Chonda - Monastery: While I was in the area I received a Too Many Instructions Error for script: shopcont_dist, tag: TNF06. I don't believe it was because of the area I was in, but pointing it out.

At some point I got a blank journal entry for "playerdebriefing1".

It is possible to lose a rope and perhaps get stranded. Maybe because I'm still unfamiliar with the system. When trying to use the rope on a cliff (trying to get *down*) in the same spot I got up on can cause it to be lost after sending me a message (something of): tieing knots. I was in Dohral - Western Rural and the Tutorial area when this happened.


See you in game,

Dark Defiance
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Re: BUG Report: Area Specifics, Ropes, TMIs

Post  GM_ODA on Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:42 am

MANY THANKS, all bug reports are welcome here! We will parse these out and see how many bugs we can kill asap.

Be well. Game on.
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