Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

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Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

Post  Feredor on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:50 pm

Hi! I Thought about the otherday about spells And was wondering if someone could add Spell combinations in nwn it shouldnt be verry hard.. I think

few Spell combinations I came up with
grease+Fireball = Firelake.
savingthrow curses+ instant death spells = well.. instant death ^^
etc use your imagination and be creative.

spell improvement:
I also thought about what spell's are missunderstood as crap and that some spell's should be effective in their own way.

Light spell improved: I was thinking that shades, shadows and creatures of dark hate light, so why not make hindering effect on light spell it?

Disease spell: ok not bad spell fun too but why not make mass disease spell, or make the disease spread from the victim to others close to him ? tons of fun.

Cone of cold spell: why not add some power into it make it to freeze your enemy and if it suceed's the frozen enemy would be paralyzed.
practical combination if frozen solid: a sucesfull critical hit from blunt weapon or similiar could shatter the opponent meaning instant death.

That's for starters in this topic, and I await eagerly of your replies.

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Re: Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

Post  eve_of_disaster on Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:12 pm

I like the idea but I think Khaos will go crazy over this topic as per normal when there's something potentially good for casters being suggested. Razz

I've thought about some sortof spell sequencer stuff that would be really neat, like the ability to cast earthquake together with firestorm or similar. Would be a very fun combination if nothing else. Like if you have those both memorised and you use a couple of spell words like with custom spells you cast both at the same time.

Of course 2 x maximised greater missile storm also comes to mind and I could see how that won't be appreciated as much. >.<
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Re: Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

Post  Khaos1987 on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:45 pm

Ah, Eve knows me so well by now. Am I THAT predicable? Maybe I should wear a cape and mask from now on, like a superhero! Or Zoro. Or my uncle Ted. (He's got issues)

This suggestion has a bit of potential to it. The problem is that spells are conditional. Light is actually very useful if you don't have light on equipment, or a torch. Disease is useless against monsters, but it's a little better against other PCs. Especially if you make a plot out of it. Cone of cold will wipe the floor anything fire based like hellhounds and djinn. So they're useful, just not all the time like missile storms and timestop. And true seeing. And horrid wilting.

Moreso, is there really a need to increase the power of casters even more? Sure combining spells would add a little bit of flavor, but they'd do more harm than good. I mean death without a saving throw, that's a DM power.
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Re: Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

Post  Ragdoll_Knight on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:21 pm

Now, rather than focus on how casters already can be more powerful than fighter classes, letss focus on making other classes better. I'm not opposed to epic wizards Spellcrafting their own versions of things, I even encourage it. After all, there wouldn't be any spells if it weren't for creative wizards. (Tony even toyed with aRay of Fire idea for a while. Its just a cantrip, but you know)

So, rather than say No right off the bat, let's work on some of the ideas that spring up to make them applicable. Ray of Fire would only do equal to ray of frost, but its fire. There aren't any fire cantrips, and fire is the easiest element for a mage to master, in my opinion. Perhaps adding Feat restrictions, like Greater/Epic/Spell focuses or metamagic feats. Maybe even Iron Will and such for Psionic skills, the idea being that your Will must be stronger than your opponents for direct "I'm going to smash your mind to pieces" Psionics.

So, if we're gonna be making spells, let's start with "its like ____ but...." (Its like Ice Storm, but instead of ice its acid) before doing "I summon four dragons and a demilich AT THE SAME TIME! Muahahahah"

As a side note, wizards should always be thinking of new applications for their spells. I appreciate people thinking outside the box.
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Re: Sugestion Spell combinations and spell improvement!

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