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Post  eve_of_disaster on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:30 am

I'd like to suggest adding more helpful npc's with auto-conversations. Dm's arn't around too often and I'd hate to have to request aid from a dm when just having encountered a new npc. I'd like to see npc's that can aid our pc's with real quests rather than the more generic ones and with real rewards like perhaps a custom spell or recipes or a magic item. The current quests are all very level 1-5'ish and rewards are of that sort too, like 100 gold.

I've been told that there are npc's around that can teach custom spells but I've never found any. I suppose powerful meta-plot chars like Quin the necromancer and similar have custom spells they can teach but they are all player-tools. I doubt Quin even has a spawn-point, but is more of a dm-brought in npc. Like that dragon in cragfel cliffs that I never found, I would like to see some consistency with npc's that actually interact with pc's due to scripts, rather than needing a dm to possess them. The simple reason is that whenever a dm is possessing an npc like that they are busy doing a quest or plot with the npc so they have no time to cater to individual pc's needs.

That npc wizard in Chonda is at least level 35, maybe 40. But he doesn't even have a conversation menu. The same goes for the wizard in Egbort, Pel Durik, who has his own shop and a bunch of useful wizard things. Maybe they could know a custom spell or two and be willing to teach them, rather than just being static placeables?

Something else I've wondered about is that house in South Chonda; Capolain. The Capolain npc's tells a pc to go talk to someone in the entry hall but I've been all over that place and there's no npc like the one they mention. I'd definatly like to see more of the kind of content that fleshes out npc's and offers more indebt enjoyment.
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