Necromancy? Palemasters?

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Necromancy? Palemasters?

Post  Kiirtan on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:32 pm

I've been pondering support builds, and something another server did, struck me as a good idea here.
They modified the spells so that PM levels were counted as caster(but only level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)... can this be done to count towards bardsong too? :p
What I'd also like to see(don't know if it's possible) is providing other relative accounting so that Bards/Sorcs can still pickup spells during levelup of PMs(this is especially important for the spell deprived bards). In this fashion it wouldn't feel like such a waste of levels(my only high level palemaster was actually the one from the aformentioned server, who hit level cap at 13/7 wiz/PM(she could only cast one level 9 spell and was fairly decrepit at casting as a result).

Not strictly related to the PM class, another suggestion:
Arcane Healing Spells. Utilize necromancy spells to return a fallen PC to health, or life. Of course if you don't do it right you're going to have to find a PROPER cleric and hope they don't ask TOO many questions...
Basicly adding that extra aspect to Necromancy, Life, Death, Undeath. Hey, bards can cast healing spells anyway, whynot? :p I figure that might be something worth doing IC research for. but it occured to me in my tired brain after writing the first half of this.

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