Zvaeri's book of suggestions

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Zvaeri's book of suggestions

Post  zvaeri on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:20 pm

Free re spawn where you died in NOOB U, bed rolls weighing less then a tent..... Dart weight reduction, less me falling off cliffs do to strength ::should use dex to as well imo.:: and more to come!!!! oh typo in server details, i think it was... maybe... yeah.. check it <3

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Re: Zvaeri's book of suggestions

Post  Animayhem on Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:50 am

Respawning, you can set a binding by which you can be returned to the same spot regardless of where you died. I agree a bedroll should be a bit lighter than a tent but its really not much.
As for weight reduction, you can purchase magic pouches in the dm start area which you can store items but they weigh less like 60 pounds of gear may weigh only 40 pounds.
Climbing,swimming etc, are character based, meaning different difficulties depending on your skill level and class and your success improves as you advance.
There are potions and spells which can aid your dexterity,strength,etc as well as items to wear. You can learn how to make potions and enhance items by taking the college courses.
Just relax and get use to this place and your character Very Happy Although a snore, really spending time at noob u and completing it will greatly help.
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Re: Zvaeri's book of suggestions

Post  zvaeri on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:44 pm

A penguin called Mr Apocolopicus who crashes the server once a year.... so we have something to blame....

Making me a dm again since you love me ODA and i did all the stuffs you wanted me to >.>

get some more head's for the people so im not headless.... well this post is all so i have something to do and to enhance my experience so people wont go.. 'omg your f-in headless' XD


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Post  zvaeri on Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:06 pm

A Widget for Druids and rangers that allow them to move their companion around and possibly make them do things like... instead of the text ::pet dances while riding a unicycle:: above my head its over the animals head

A way to get back to the start area without waiting like 24 hours

Weekly Tea party in the lobby.

A rule list on the forums so i'm not misleading people or maybe i'm just over looking things....

a few new summons like a Undead summon for the Mages who like necromancy

((to be continued with more suggestions!))

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Re: Zvaeri's book of suggestions

Post  Fenguard on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:43 pm

Bedrolls weighing less than tents: Agree.

Dart Weight: Agree.

Using DEX along with STR when climbing: Agree.

Crash Penguin: Disagree.

Making Zvaeri a DM again: No Comment.

Head Pack: Not sure if we plan on using Haks for Dorhal other than CEP.

Animal Companion Midgets: Agree.

Way to return to the start Area: Disagree(In my personal opinion Player should try to remain in game and IC at alll times unless they are helping a Dm or being helped by a DM.)

Tea Party: Disagree (Same reason as above)

Rule List: STRONGLY Agree.

New Undead Summons: Agree.
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Re: Zvaeri's book of suggestions

Post  Eriniel on Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:26 am

Text from animal instead of PC....

/dm #[Familiar speaks

/dm ;[Animal Companion speaks

/dm ,[Summoned speaks

/dm ]1*waves* Henchmen one speaks

/dm ]2*sits* Henchmen two speaks

/dm ]3*drinks* Henchmen three speaks

Thought they were in the player voice commands book with the emotes, but will check that.

Getting back to the start area has nothing to do with 24hours, rather its when the server updates.

Normally the ability to go to the start area would be only be for pre/post events mainly that big room with the fountain.

However while the shops are being setup there are few functioning ones, Nicks & Wales are the two can name offhand. So the DMFI Start area shops have some real use to players who are already in game.

To get to DMFI Start is fairly simple and has made its way around for some time... There are portals in Mid Donnel, Tivook Inn, etc.. These portals respond to voice. Now simply talk to the portal and say 'haggis' (without quotes) and it will port you to the DMFI Start area... Leaving back to game haggis will port you to last saved location when you talk to him again.

Necromancy gives access to Undead minions that collapse on death and you can pick them up and reuse later.. or enhance. This will be covered in more detail by the Necromancy wizard mentor NPC when we add the advanced courses to the college.

Respawn is free until level 5, and will port you to either NoobU entry door or Chonda Port (whichever closer)
After that can talk to the NPC in the after life area, he as options like return to last binding stone, tutorial, temple, etc.

The Animal Companions move by widget... hmm suppose this is doable, however their AI will lightly override it most of the time. They have abilities already of their own, ie those with smell will detect things like good/bad water, campfires, buried items.

Climbing takes into account DEX, STR, CON. However there are ways around it, ie in a party if the big strong PC goes first he can pull up his party members which is just a STR check on him for each....

Until next we meet
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Re: Zvaeri's book of suggestions

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