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Post  DragoneyeIIVX on Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:08 pm

In the gamespy chat I ran into someone, I believe the login was Ehny_(something). I told them I would log into the server to give it a poke about, but I don't have CEP so that plan botched completely. Figured I would go out of my way and find you all, though, so if said person is about and still cared to talk, here I am!

I've been playing this game for ages at this point, at least 8 years I think. A majority of that time has been spent on Arelith, though I mostly just forum admin these days.

However! Randomly logging in to gamespy ran me across someone who I can only assume is a developer who was interested in suggestions. And if there's anything that can be said of me from Arelith, it's that I post too many suggestions -so if you're looking for a bit of creative outsourcing I might be able to help.


- DragoneyeIIVX

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Post  GM_ODA on Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:54 pm

Dragoneye! Yes, that was me aka GM_ODA or Ehye_Khandee - and yes I am always looking for ideas, feedback and stuff to 'stir my brain'. So please do chime in anytime on any topic you please.

I spoke with you in chat and sent you these URLs to be sure you had all you needed to login, here for everyone's convenience is that set of handy links for NWN


Our Server (24x7)

Our BIOWARE SOCIAL FORUM PROJECT - http://social.bioware.com/project/3271/

Our BIOWARE SOCIAL FORUM GROUP - http://social.bioware.com/group/2703/

Our NEW forum http://aldohral.forumotion.com

Our OLD forum http://aldohral.suddenlaunch3.com

Our Wiki http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki/ArgentumRegio

Our Web http://playnwn.com

Our NWC Guild http://www.neverwinterconnections.com/guilds/adventures_in_dohral

Our Old BIOWARE Guild http://nwn.bioware.com/guilds_registry/viewguild.html?gid=15166


Critical Rebuild Patch - This file may be needed to update your installation of NWN to the most current version (1.69) and fix any possible missing resources. Just download the correct file for your installation and run it:


http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/windows/english/NWNEnglish1.69HotUUpdate.exe NWN + SoU + HotU = If Hordes of the Underdark is installed

http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/windows/english/NWNEnglish1.69SoUUpdate.exe NWN + SoU = If Shadows of Undrentide is installed, but Hordes of the Underdark is not

http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/windows/english/NWNEnglish1.69OrigUpdate.exe NWN = If neither expansion is installed

http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/linux/169/English_linuxclient169_xp2.tar.gz NWN + SoU + HotU = If Hordes of the Underdark is installed

http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/linux/169/English_linuxclient169_xp1.tar.gz NWN + SoU = If Shadows of Undrentide is installed, but Hordes of the Underdark is not

http://files.bioware.com/neverwinternights/updates/linux/169/English_linuxclient169_orig.tar.gz NWN = If neither expansion is installed




Alternate Language (non-English) 1.69 Patch Files:
http://www.gram.pl/pliki_pobierz.asp?id=1877 Polish
http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Hakpaks.Detail&id=7561 German
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Post  Eriniel on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:44 am



Until next we meet
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Post  Godo on Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:01 am

Hey there Dragoneye, not sure if you remember Godo from Arelith. I hope you get CEP to check this place out, it is extensive. Many features that can overwhelm at times. Wouldn’t it actually be easier to give helpful suggestions if you actually went into the module? I hope to see you in there sometime.

Also Dragoneye, great to see and hear from you once again, always loved our talks on Arelith.
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Post  DM Drachen on Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:13 pm

May be a little late, but, eh'. Hello, Dragoneye! I've actually RP'd with you a small amount on Arelith, cheers for Dohral! I hope you get haks and enjoy the server!
DM Drachen
DM Drachen
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