4th July 2009: Oddity run.

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4th July 2009: Oddity run.

Post  anacondah on Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:18 am

-Housing system not listing all houses, and not working.

Situation: you go to the courthouse, rent house 1 of whatnot, and you get room 8 for example.
You go to the room, you try it, and it doesnt work, even though you paid. trying all of the doors doesnt help, because you appearantly rented nothing.
The system works, only it is just messed up. Doesnt even list ALL of the available housing. Serious issue ? cause it's fun renting estates and apartments, but most of the houses have plain rooms, no interactible objects (seats, couches, etc), and when i rented a room in an inn, i rented the most expensive one, didnt have to pay, and i got a room with 22 bedrooms, and one long room with chairs (non-interactible), and it's not fun renting something without reviewing the room first. Then you discover the rooms are too plain as i described. Also, if you have 22 bedrooms, and one guy can open the apartment, what is the use for having 22 bedrooms ?

-Ruffians in the street are debugging their death saying 'Debug - Ruffian died'
-Sahuagin lair - when died they do the same thing. 'Debug - Sahuagin died'
-When going through windows, it sets the player's camera to driving view which is highly annoying.
-Dohral - Bolovin port. The ship's chandler, on the north wall of housing, is missing transition, even though there is a sign for something.
-South chonda - Justice way & lord Dohral street. Most interiors don't have transitioning.

Hereby a request to let me look into the housing system and fix it, and make it broader. (review option, and option to have more people get access to the room)

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Re: 4th July 2009: Oddity run.

Post  GM_ODA on Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:13 am

I'm extracting all the data you'll need to tackle that inn system today. Part is my own TXT file notes of 'door data', as the inn system keeps all data on the door of each property. That way configuring new rooms is as easy as setup of a door. Persistent data, such as rentals, are stored on a separate object.

Since the inn system is used for INNs and for what I refer to as "GENERAL PROPERTY" leasing - there will need to be two convos (one for inns and one for other leased property) - more regarding this in my notes file which will be part of the package I'll send later.

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