Been awhile...

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Been awhile...

Post  Rolo_Kipp on Sun May 20, 2012 12:53 pm

{ fading raggedly... }

My! What great improvements you've made! Really enjoying Noob U this time around (makes me look forward to "graduating" ;-)

Still, always room for improvement, eh?

First, the bugs:
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Newbie checking to see his diety...

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Frequently encountered in the script dungeon.

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And how does a fellow without wings climb down outside the "resource harvesting" cave? Rope seems to only go *up*.

Ok, done with that. :-P

I am really liking the new-character set up and Noob U tutorial areas. You are giving PCs enough customization and gear to set them above the common, without twinking them outrageously. Nice balance. (Admittedly, I have only tried a straight human fighter - no sub-race and no intentions of multi-classing).

On weights: 20 lbs. for a woodsman's axe? 8 is realistic and 10 is quite acceptible for a crudely fashioned beginner axe. 20 is... wow. A bottle of whiskey is 5.5 pounds? Skeaver is a strong (if rather hording) man, but he is way over-burdened by rather ordinary items. He really wants to try out harvesting and crafting... but the tools and materials are unacceptably heavy for more than occasional use.

On cooking: Is cooking a skill like skinning? Can we see where we stand in it? Skeaver burned every fish he caught (like the fishing) including the *huge* pike.

Over-all, I think Noob U (except for it's name :-P ) is the most polished tutorial I've played (*including* the OC).

I've just got to find some time to spend there...

{ ... in to view and out again... }
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Re: Been awhile...

Post  GM_ODA on Sun May 20, 2012 3:33 pm

ROLLO KIP!!!! It is very good to see you here again friend! And THANK YOU KINDLY for the compliments.

Many thanks for the feedback, I'll add these things to my to-do list to be sure, and I _would_ post a longer reply but RL calls me afk atm. I'll reply in length tomorrow.

Be well! Game ON!

P.S. you can JUMP down from the cliff, down is easier than up. Rope will also let you climb down even if it looks like it is not in right place to do so.
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