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Personal Attacks and Acceptable Forum Behavior

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Personal Attacks and Acceptable Forum Behavior Empty Personal Attacks and Acceptable Forum Behavior

Post  GM_ODA Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:05 am

Recently one of our younger members engaged in a series of inappropriate outbursts on this forum.

While it is OK to have a differing opinion with someone here, even with staff, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO STOOP TO VULGARITY AND DISPARAGEMENT. PERSONAL ATTACKS will not be tolerated. I strongly suggest you ALL re-read the text of the user agreement here and abide by it. Failure to comply with our rules will result in disciplinary action to include temporary or permanent ban from the forum and the server.

To the offending party. I will give you 72 hours from this posting to make a proper apology publicly in this forum for your unacceptable behavior. Any further outbursts like this and I will require your parents to contact me before you will get any access to machines I control.

This is about RESPECT. You have achieved what we call an EPIC FAIL in this regard. I am giving you a chance to stand up like a worthy person and apologize to everyone you offended here.

When some wet-behind-the-ears punk comes in here and presumes to tell ME what can and cannot exist within my creations in a demanding way and cussing like a sailor - I have to respond by putting my foot down and bringing all to the understanding that THIS EXISTS BECAUSE ERIN AND I BUILT IT. THIS EXISTS BECAUSE WE PUT 15 YEARS OF WORK INTO THE PROJECT. THIS EXISTS BECAUSE I PUT FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS UP TO HOST THE THING TO DATE. This continues to exist because members appreciate what we have brought together here and are contributing to keep it online. If you do not like what we do, there are other servers and I suggest you take yourself there immediately and do not return. Playing here is not a right, but a privilege - one which will not endure under abuse.

I am not your baby-sitter. I am not your mental health care specialist. I think you need one of these urgently and strongly suggest you request these from your parents.

Stated succinctly NO PUPPIES WERE HARMED IN THE CREATION OF THIS MODULE. Jokes about puppies does not harm puppies. Imaginary puppies are just that; imaginary. Jokes, regardless of if you like them or not, uttered as part of a 'imaginary mad mans monolog' is NOT grounds for your over the top reaction.

When you've covered half the money in this project and half the labor, you MIGHT have a leg to stand on - but from where you are; having contributed no effort to the work, having donated NOTHING to keep it online, having verbally attacked myself and my work here - you have no right to make demands upon myself or my staff of volunteers.

If you cannot be upright enough to step up and apologize, we are done here, your accounts will be locked and we will consider this chapter closed.

Be well. Game on.
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