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A chapter on its own...

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A chapter on its own... Empty A chapter on its own...

Post  Valerion Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:45 pm

*A letter arrives at the Inquisitorial headquarter, the sign of Inquisitor Adrastia on it, a young man in a full plate armor delivers it, bearing the signs of the shining blade, a sword and a hammer, crossed over a shining sun*

"Sir Thane Hertane, Lord High Inquisitor and honored leader of the Inquisition,

as you know I am not a woman of many words but quick deeds and swift justice, to honor that reputation, I will make it quick.

My chapter has decided together with me, to break loose from your command, several deeds of you have made us doubting your wisdom and your competence.
I do not mean to insult you, but we cannot support several decisions you have made, nor can I tolerate the insult of having my trust, loyalty and belief doubted by a human far younger than I am, I have lived and served the Inquisition well, for 235 years, my blood is of Celestia, yet you prefer believing a few adventurers and inn patrons when it comes to my deeds of protection for the land, this cannot and this will not stand.

We, the chapter of the shining blade, stand on our own now, you can rely on us, when the need is dire to support you with anything we have against evil, demons and undead as it has ever been, but we no longer accept your commands, nor your restrictions.

I wish, to stay in contact with you, in mutual agreement of cooperation, but from now on, we are independent from you, aswell as we are responsible for our acts in full.

We will stay true to the laws, to the church and true to Finshi as we always have been.
But the Inquisition is no longer our master in deed or word.

With that, and my greatest respects for the past, and dissapointment for the times with you these days, I salute you, and bid you farewell."

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