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guide for new players

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guide for new players Empty guide for new players

Post  Pyro Fang Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:20 pm

if possible i would like to sign up as a guide for new players that come to are server pm me if this is possible and if you do make me one ill need either a way to get to the occ room with either nalio or na'riel that or i use my aasimar nalio as a occ char to tour around new players that
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guide for new players Empty Re: guide for new players

Post  BobbyBrown15 Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:00 am

no signing up needed, if you find a new player just help em out, i do it all the time, cept i have been a bit occupied recently, i will likely start doing it again soon.
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guide for new players Empty Re: guide for new players

Post  GM_ODA Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:24 am

THANK YOU both - we'll need your help. We are beginning to see a trickle turn into a flood of new PLAYERs. Our promotional web work is in place and the PLAYERS are streaming in at a rate of 2-5 a day minimum. More, with gamespy's outtage, our web offerings are drawing in a large number of lookers.

PLEASE - PM ME kind volunteers and we will get you outfitted apropriately for your OOC rescues. Very Happy

Showing a 'friendly, helpful face' for new PLAYERS is a GREAT thing to do - and I personally THANK YOU for your kind help. As it is, we have done all we can with the build to inform new PLAYERS and draw them to the tutorial areas, but it is fact that they will only get there by the means they choose. Some can read the triggered 'pop up text' but some ignore those, some read the signs but some not, this with the heavy inventory (explained in the pop up text and also on the signs) along with two rooms OOC seems to be off-putting for some gamers. It is true you can't please everyone all the time, and it is OK that some don't like the server. This said, it is YOU the PLAYERS who are the 'safety net' for those who skipped or disregarded the text - some may be confused by the lack of an entry cut-scene or other immediate immersive draw - YOU THE PLAYERS are the only force on the server that can induce these new and possibly confused PLAYERS from assuming the server sucks.

Welcome to our new PLAYERS!

THANK YOU to our 'greeters' one and all!

Welcome to all our DMs, welcome to all our DM Candidates, and welcome back to our returning DMs! All of Argentum Regio is rejoicing to have you call her home!

Be well. Game on!

P.S. I _hope_ to do a cut-scene of the PC and a few NPCs staggering about on the 'dramatic' ship below decks, culminating in the PC falling down near a doorway, striking the PCs head and thereby loosing conciousness.... But, I've never done a cut-scene yet and have to learn the methods from the word go. If any of you nice people on the server are experienced in making cut-scenes please let me know, as I would appreciate your help (or even just guidance).
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guide for new players Empty Re: guide for new players

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