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Neverwinter Nights PLAYERS - OUTREACH to New and Returning NWN Gamers

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Neverwinter Nights PLAYERS - OUTREACH to New and Returning NWN Gamers Empty Neverwinter Nights PLAYERS - OUTREACH to New and Returning NWN Gamers

Post  GM_ODA Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:29 am

Friends, I recently posted the following item to the NEWS section of this forum -

I have asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and asked. You PLAYERs and DMs have not been accomodating about this very minor request to post in public forums that our server exists and that it is a cool place. Almost NONE of you granted my repeated request. So now, I have sweetened the deal. If it feels wrong to you, then don't post, BUT DON'T KNOCK THE PROGRAM for others.

I have told you each myriad times - that as the builder, when I post that this is a 'cool server' many readers discount my words as "personal bias". When PLAYERS post, it is different. This is our way of pushing you PLAYERS to go do the right thing. I cannot do it all, and I grow more weary by the day. STOP EXPECTING ME TO DO IT ALL and go post. Help me, or STFU and STFD.

We are at a place in the lifespan of NWN where the server will either grow significantly in player base or flounder. The game is still being sold online but the gamespy listings are dead. Some number will find us by search engines but many will turn to the official NWN Bioware site and that means they will go to BIOWARE Forums and when there they will look at RECENT posts. So the choice is simple, if you want more ROLE PLAYERS here go login to BIOWARE Forums and add your voice to the thread telling other NWN PLAYERS that this is a good server and why YOU feel that way.

NWN PLAYERS ARE NOT PSYCHIC they have to be told in an place that is accessable to them that a server exists or they will not visit it. Won't you please help these poor non-psychics find their way to the best NWN server online?

Thank you.
Be well. Game on.
Your long suffering Admin.

I wanted to expose more of the reasoning behind why and how you PLAYERS & DMS from ArgentumRegio MUST ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY.

Recently, gamespy support for NWN was cut. I am not going to discuss nor theorize about why this is, but it is essential that you each understand just what this means.

All NWNers have felt a distubance in the force (so to speak). The interface they counted on to behave in a specific way, when fired-up, did no longer behave as expected. Where, before gamespy pulled the plug on nwn, new and veteran PLAYERS could simply start the NWN game and after navigating multiplayer login access a list of multiplayer servers, now, they find no such convenience. Before the change Neverwinter PLAYER could immediately connect to any server listed publicly and with a few clicks, and even explore the details of these servers if desired. Those days are behind us and are unlikely to return anytime soon.

While it is the case that gamespy does not offer lists of NWN servers, many will find help in the CHAT room (while that still functions), many will turn to their FAVORITES or HISTORY tabs and use that to connect to servers they are already familiar with from prior experience. That said, it is also certain that many will turn to the BIOWARE PUBLIC FORUMS and seek council on which server they should try.

These many NWN multiplayer gamers will not be able to find us if YOU the PLAYERS and DMs of ArgentumRegio do not post suitable invitations. These seekers will likely not look at old stale threads, but more likely the ones that show recent activity and valid PLAYER commentary to aid the new PLAYER in selecting a multiplayer server that they will enjoy. These people are not psychic, they do not know what you think unless you post it in a place they can find your post.

The server is a darned good one, with many features that are really noteworthy. Go tell the world which features you like here. Reach out to these new Neverwinter Nights PLAYERS NOW, it really takes little effort on your part, and the potential impact is - you will find more and more PLAYERS logged in and playing the ArgentumRegio module when you want to play.

We have recently seen good levels of growth in the playerbase, and received many kind words from new PLAYERS recently toured in out tutorial areas. One PLAYER recently toured stated "This is like a whole new expansion for Neverwinter Nights!" Another exclaimed "This place has more cool features than all the others combined."

Spread the word, help us grow... but only if you feel that ArgentumRegio is a good server, and I leave that judgement to you.

Be well. Game on.
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