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We have been updating the server about twice each week on average, the fixes made in the last several weeks include the following:

Small error in Smelting Iron said 'Steel' instead, fixed now,
Made sure Trident version of weapon test is in.
Some Debug fixes and tried to straighten oil

Spell 968 - Iron Shower
Spell 969 - Protection from Chaos
Added Wild Magic Effects

Fixed Merchant Sell to PC
Selling Items to Merchants
Block use of items if in store

Added Blackguard to give HS (basically set it as Dose PC Have Feat Turn Undead)
Cleric Diagnosis option fix,

Non-Vanish Henchmen Fix
Fixes and tidy of Load files
Also changes to MPH data
Jump limits fix.
Blocked polymorph while under water (item verison- need to do spell version)
Caltrops effect on Rust Monsters
Make Dragon Smarter
POH Object Movement,
Lots of Food in Spit fix,
Finally got round to plugging Seg Coin bug,
POH Placeable controls,
Fixes for lycon system,
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