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Post  Valerion Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:08 am

Name: Adrastia
Age: About 250 years known to her (Actually over 500)
Race: Half elven the other half publicly unknown, but known to a few chosen ones.
Gender: female
Eye color: Blue with golden Sprinkles
Hair Colour: Black or Auburn
Daugther of: High Priest Islandaith and a yet unknown mother
Hobbies: Staring at the sunset, weapon practice, martial art practice, prayer to Finshi, Recruitation of new members of the chapter. Training of the recruits. Listening to bards with harps.
Duties: Defense of the innocent, destruction of the wicked, hunting of demons, undead, and evil lycanthropes.
Dreams: To see the celestial planes one time. To cleanse the land from the wicked taint of the undead and demonic influence.

Height: Tall
Physical build: Very wiry, yet with an angelic but very distant and cold beauty.

Most valued things: The sword Wolfsbane, the sword Exterminatus, The shield of the crimson dragonslayer, the amulet of pure goodness, the chainmail Quicksilver and the ornated fullplate of the chaptermaster. Her battlebrothers and her closest few friends. (Not forcibly in that order)

Archenemies: Undead, Demons, Lycanthropes
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