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Party Etiquette

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Party Etiquette Empty Party Etiquette

Post  Animayhem Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:00 pm

Since the slight revamping of xp and such, party is now mainly used between those no less than 5 levels or DM events. That being said. If an event is going on and you are asked to party it should be understood you are a part of it and hopefully you asked what was going on before joining.
If you are not sure you can always tell a player or send a message to the dm. Players and dms cannot read minds. If you do not ask questions then rightly or wrongly it is assumed you know whats going on.

We all would like to be a part but at times we can't or the current rp to far along to add someone to make sense. Shar did mention that he would try and make smaller things happen during the week.

There are many times i have been on and an event is in full swing rp has just ended. I do not get mad if possible I try to ask in character what happened.

Also it is quite rude to use the shout channel and disrupt rp. Screaming for attention does the opposite. Send a tell to a player or more than one or to the dm. Someone usually replies but may take time due to rp or if no one fails to then maybe leave party and mention a complaint to a dm in a pm.

We cannot all be everywhere at everytime nor involved in everyone's business.

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