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Darkness Saga - Epilogue

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Darkness Saga - Epilogue Empty Darkness Saga - Epilogue

Post  Shar Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:48 am

And so it was that the darkness of Tivook, that had reigned such chaos upon the lands since times unrecorded was brought to an end. Though with the rupture of the knowers core the loss or corruption of so many; even the death of an entire civilization that never would see its time come to pass, it had been at a horrific cost. Perhaps now in its absence Charia may be able to heal. Although i worry for Veldeenna, her tie to it had come to the point of slavery and i am unsure how she will deal with its lack of being.

Still, with Void finally been banished to the plane of vacuum and unable to return without some ill gotten attempt to reopen the gates and release the flood we are perhaps now able to say that the danger has truly passed.

Sadly all attempts to repair the Knower have been in vain... Without the stable and near endless power that its core was able to tap it has become little more than a mass of gears and bobs. still... enough power remains for one last question.


With that the wily gnome closed his book curled his massive handlebar mustache and looked up at the great machine..

"So old friend... considering all possible outcomes to find the best result..... what do I do with my life from here?"
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