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Odd rumors going around, and a strange happening at Tivook crossing.

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Odd rumors going around, and a strange happening at Tivook crossing. Empty Odd rumors going around, and a strange happening at Tivook crossing.

Post  saadow Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:34 am

Some guests at the back of baths inn might be complaining about another guest being noisy. Some complaints persist about loud wailing, crying, but it's usually stifled before the exact room number is determined, some people suspect it's room one, since the owner isn't generally seen coming or going.

Further, a few locals noticed a newcomer at the baths, he'd been seen before a few times, however, rumor is going around that his behavior has become slightly erratic, he's been scrubbing himself raw, to the point of bleeding, and someone swears they found a bar of soap with teeth marks deeply gouged into it.

There hasn't really been any effort made to talk to him, he's not been violent and usually has shrunk away when he's actively aware of others around him.

"It was the strangest thing." One person mentioned, "I've seen that young man before. He carried the body of a Fishmonger that died a little over two weeks back, after the man died to a surprise attack by these hounds that spit fire. Nights are dangerous, but he didn't seem to care, he cared more about doing anything he could for the fallen man. A woman was with him, she had earth tones, but it was too dark to really make out more features of her. The young man in armor though, I could tell he had blond hair, pretty bright too, wore a white cape too."

Near the Tivook inn, there were the shattered remains of a bastard sword and several bodies of small, gray-skinned creatures, some of them with cleavers. Generally their bodies were rather fat.

A priest hanging around the tavern commented, "Well, yes, a young man was out this way and was hurt pretty bad. Gave him the common sense and wisdom to stay away, but he insisted on going back after whatever it was out there that laid him low. Even gave him a Holy Symbol in hopes it would help him out. I haven't seen him since. But, he was standing outside the inn for over two days, waiting for a woman last I recall. Oh, he has blond hair, and blue eyes."


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