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Application to be a guard

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Application to be a guard Empty Application to be a guard

Post  Elgate Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:42 am

After wandering around the city as Grace and finding out a few dark secrets, I realised that it'd be very easy to have entire events and character rp solely within the city. Now Grace doesn't care all that much, so can't do anything with her.

But I noticed that the Dohral Highguards was a guild, and if possible, I'd like to make a character to join that faction.

Now I'd need to know a lot more about the different factions in the city, the politics and most importantly the laws of the city and realm, and while I have some idea I can admit I need to know a lot more. So I can understand if this is a character best left till later once I've played longer.

My character idea was a fighter/ranger (Knows how to fight, and the ranger class I was hoping to skew into a more dectective class in this case, with the class skills in spot, listen and search, rather than a nature class- however I can also just go pure fighter), Male, and with an attitude somewhat similiar to Captain Vimes from terry pratchett's discworld, if you've heard on him. Except less cynical and a tad more xenophobic (Elves? Kinda weak looking. Halflings? Probably commited a crime. Gnomes? No, really- Gnomes? What are they? Half orc? What are they doing in the city? Dwarves?... Actually not bad; like to drink, tend to have commitments to rules and traditions. Sounds like my kind of people.) He'd be from dohral, middle class I'd say.

For alignment I was thinking lawful good or neutral good. Lawful would make more sense, but his attitude would be 'we need to defend the people and catch the bad guy' which means in some situations he may use slightly more unothodox methods to catch people (hence neutral good). He wouldn't be chaotic, and wouldn't abuse his power (hopefully >.>).

On the note of power, I wouldn't want to start off high in the pecking order as it were- start at the bottom as a rookie, earn my way up. However the highguards seem like elite guards anyway, so a highguard rookie would still be pretty skilled....

If the DM's or anyone has any advice on this and feels things need to be worked out first, before I can even think of making a guard, that's great- I don't want to leap in without any idea of what I'm doing. I just really wanted to make a city orientated character, and there is so much crime that needs rooting out, and terrors at night to fend off....

((Also, naturally any secrets Grace found will not be known by this char- He'd know his way around the city, thanks to my knowledge of exploring it with Grace, but I would avoid metagaming with other info))
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Application to be a guard Empty Re: Application to be a guard

Post  GM_ODA Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:51 am

Friend Elgate,
That sounds like a splendid idea! I would encourage you to make that PC and begin your envisioned patrols. There is a little info on the city factions - most are just placeholders atm (during beta) but the outline of these factions is something I'm working on now and will try to release in the next week (a brief item so no big workload adder there). The laws of the city are as yet vague - I _think_ there may be another thread on those (please search for that and I will do so too to assemble all the info on the matter in one location/thread). PLEASE feel free to help us develop the laws of the city with suggestions/requests.

MANY thanks to you friend for your insight and willingness to help the server! KUDOS to you friend!

Be well. Game on!
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