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The Druid Circle / Hunters Guild Meeting (WIP)

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The Druid Circle / Hunters Guild Meeting (WIP) Empty The Druid Circle / Hunters Guild Meeting (WIP)

Post  DM_Dekkar Mon May 13, 2013 6:29 pm

At the hidden reaches of the fey realm, a meeting is being summoned concerning were-wolves, the Hunters Guild, and the Druid’s circle itself and their respective relationships. So far gathered are Grace Fennerest, Charia, Grimtooth Wildepaw, and Vashan Wilkina, as well as Indori Nevar’a – they await for the others to arrive, including the Grandmaster of the Hunters Guild. (This was taken from in game chat log, I reorganized it to give kind of a ‘story’ feel, also note this is WIP, still will change how it looks to be easier to read THIS IS NOT ALL OF IT, I will be posting in sections as I have time to edit it, been very busy lately. And thank you to Charia for providing the log for me to edit!)

Grace Fennerset: *rubs her forehead* How've you been Vashan?

Vashan Wilkina: fine for the most part
Charia: Welcome

Grimtooth Wildepaw: Fey lady!

Charia: Hello Grim

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *smiles and waves*

Charia: *waves*
Grimtooth Wildepaw *turns to look at Vashan*: and flaming wing man.. um vash-ann?

Indori Nevar'a: I do ask why you wield your wings as such, Lord Vashan? *Glances towards Vashan*

Charia: It seems it will go on the council got word the hunters and druids will be here - Lord? *snickers*
Vashan Wilkina: wield them how? (States in reply to Indori)

Indori Nevar'a: As you do. Perhaps it would be wiser to conceal them. Especially in such a wooded area.

Vashan Wilkina: I keep them concealed everywhere else, among the council – there is no need.

Charia: He is correct
Charia: Things should be ready in one quarter of an hour (states to the group)

Grace Fennerset: I have been preoccupied for a while. I have not seen Fen since the last meeting. She may be arriving with the druids but I can't say.

Charia: *nods to grace*
Grimtooth Wildepaw: hunters show this time?..

Charia: Yes Grim the fey report they are on their way

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *nods*

Grace Fennerset: Any word on who else is coming? The Druids and the hunters should be on their way. But as for lycans... I've failed to find any. Or at least any willing.

Charia: You seem to be it Grace and Grim for the non-lycans

Grace Fennerset: I feel highly inadequate to be the spokes person for a group I have only recently become a member of. Although the old druid is one, should he come?

Charia: You will do fine Grace, Fen has great confidence in you

Grace Fennerset: *Scratches the back of her head* She does...?

Indori Nevar'a: Well, then.

Vashan Wilkina: *observes the group silently*

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *sighs* so who else be here? me not like big crowds?.. and will people try to hurt me?..

Vashan Wilkina: no one will grim

Grace Fennerset: No one will- this is a peaceful meeting, on neutral grounds.

Charia: No Grim, and if any violence the fey will act swiftly

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *looks happy* no hurt! horay!

Indori Nevar'a: It would be unwise in harming you.
Grace Fennerset: ..How will the meeting take place?

Charia: The fey are quite informal

Grimtooth Wildepaw: and what about meeting how many will be here?... me not like big groups...

Indori Nevar'a: I've never met this Council, myself.

Charia: Well I would think no more than twenty or so

Grimtooth Wildepaw: that be alot....

Grace Fennerset: I asked that there should only be six, but it's hard to say. The druids may come in any number, likely small though. Between all of us, about twenty is a good estimate.

Charia: *laughs* The elf’s a twitchy one

Grace Fennerset: Indeed.

Grace Fennerset: Well. At least we have had plentiful time to think this over.

Grimtooth Wildepaw: .. um me not sure why me here anyway..

Charia: Well you are of nature and a civilized Gnoll

Grace Fennerset: A spokes person as friend of nature, who will offer a voice not of the druids, hunters or fey.
Charia: Many do like your kind. They prefer them as pelts or rugs

Grimtooth Wildepaw: ....

Grace Fennerset: *Blinks at charia*

Grimtooth Wildepaw: that not be nice..

Charia: Many of your kind attack non-gnolls

Charia: I am sorry grim it is the truth

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *looks un-happy* then me show that not all be bad!
*several magical portals appear, Adrastia, an Arch-Mage of the Shining Light, and a priest stepped through * Adrastia: "Excuse me, I am late"

Charia: No Adrastia it will start shortly

Grace Fennerset: *Turns and blinks* Uh. No. Hasn't started yet..

Vashan Wilkina: we are waiting for the hunters to arrive

*turns to her side* Adrastia: "Where is Clegane my brethren?"

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *looks up* Adrastia! you be here too?

Adrastia: *Looks to grimtooth, then to her companions, whispering something to them, then nodding* "Yes Grimtooth, I am here aswell"

Grace Fennerset: And the rest of the druids, unless I'm expected to be the spokeswomen for that group also..

Charia: No I have been informed Fen is coming.

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *his tail starts to wag showing his happyness* .. me will show that not all gnolls be bad!

Charia: Good
Adrastia: *Looks around* "Kedio....where is the champion, clegane? You did inform him did you old friend?" (to the priest)

Priest Of Finshi: That we did, unfortunately I am afraid he has not replied to the message sent.

Adrastia: "That worries me, he is unknown to be..unreliable....unless he is on duty"

Adrastia: "But also he is known for a surprise now and then, so....we will continue without him until he arrives....or the council is over, Kedio, Anthonius, it is as always an honour and a pleasure to have you two old friends with me, whenever things of great importance re discussed. You always make the finest example of how our order works....and that we are one" *Slides her shield onto her back via the broad leatherstring*

Grimtooth Wildepaw: so are hunters scary?..

Grace Fennerset: *Nods* We're grateful for that Grim. *turns to look at Adrastia's group, appraising them, while speaking over her shoulder to grim* No, the hunter's should't be scary.

Charia: *Nods* Fen is on her way

Grace Fennerset: Well, then we're almost ready to begin.
Charia: You can remove your helm Adrastia this is a place of peace, and remove all wards please.

Adrastia: "The ward I am carrying is an ioun stone enhancing my ability to understand the needs and opinions of others, it serves only the purpose of constructive behaviour"

Charia: Then please remove your helm

Grimtooth Wildepaw: there be peaces here! No hurt!

Adrastia: "about the helmet, well, please, do not consider this as a sign of distrust or negligence, but after yesterday, I would prefer to leave it on"

Grace Fennerset: *Raises a brow and scratches the back of her head*

Adrastia: "The scar has not yet healed -The life of a warrior grimtooth, it is bound to come with drawbacks"

*Fen walks over to the group*

Grace Fennerset: *Grins* Fen!

Charia: *turns*

Grimtooth Wildepaw: *waves*

Charia: *smiles*

Fen Nai'lo: *stands consolidated by her student and fellow druid and waves to her friends*

Charia: Is the Ancient coming Fen?

Fen Nai'lo: *shakes head no* but we have discussed all this.

Charia: *nods* Then you will be his voice.

Fen Nai'lo: and I will share our thoughts, and speak for the circle*nods*

Grace Fennerset: Then we just await the hunters.

Grimtooth Wildepaw: their not be many nature people here then?...

Fen Nai'lo: there is enough though, my nature defender *nods to Grim*

Adrastia: "I will speak for the Chapter of the Shining Blade, and on one or two things if they come up with the authority of the lord of Dohral and the Vizier of Tivook"

Grace Fennerset: Three friends of nature. Grim. It's rather even, considering there appears to be three or less of the other groups so far.

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