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Elite troops patroling Tivook

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Elite troops patroling Tivook Empty Elite troops patroling Tivook

Post  Valerion Tue May 28, 2013 1:50 pm

With the rising number of members the Shining Blade has called off a part of their troops to patrol the regions around tivook and the tradeway to Dohral after an organized attack against the Tivook Inn itself, costing several civilian lives and heavily injured others including Etrianna herself, it is whispered it may have been a vampire attack. No statement has been made to this by now, fact is, the Shining Blade shows face and support for the Tivook population, elite troops, consisting out of three paladins, two mages, and one high-cleric of Finshi per patrol, around 5 patrols in whole now guard the areas and pathways.
And they know no mercy for undead, demon, or murderer.

The rest of the Shining Blade activities remain unseen and unreported.
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