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The Search Grows Ever Wider

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The Search Grows Ever Wider Empty The Search Grows Ever Wider

Post  Kyra_Stormshadow Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:47 pm

The half-elf who entered Tivook’s inn had little to offer in the way of her human heritage.  She was lithe of build and predatory of manner, moving with the sure grace and unassuming presence of a winter fox, garnet eyes shining forth beneath a splay of wavy, silver tresses.  She stood dressed in a simple patchwork of green cloth and brown leather, the treated leather armoring those portions of her body more vulnerable to the wounds of combat – chest; boots; bracers.  A bow and quiver lay crossed upon her back, undrawn as she enters the inn, but likewise within ready reach should the need arise to defend herself.

After several weeks of temporary residence outside the shrine of Deeproot, traversing the road between Dohral and Tivook, Destiny Crescentfall felt more comfortable among “settled folk” than she had upon first arriving.  She knew something of their heroes, their deities, and even their adjacent planes.  That did not, however, change the dissonance she felt whenever she voluntarily confined herself to the flat-roofed, brick-walled cages the settled folk called inns, stores, or colleges.

But sometimes necessity demanded one to face down a bit of personal static.  

Sometimes, she thought wryly, it demanded much more than that.

Revealing none of her apprehension, Destiny approached the innkeeper with a square of yellow parchment clasped between her gracile, calloused fingers.  

“A fair day to you,” she called in greeting, her tone kind, in contrast to her expression which maintained a certain graveness of reserve.  “My name is Desi – Desi Crescentfall.  I was hoping to ask a favor of you.”

In the same soft, honest accent of hers, a traveler’s tongue born from the sweet music of elven and tempered by interactions with a dozen and more races, Destiny explained her intentions – to collect a list of all persons missing, recent and distant, for one reason or another, so that she might include those individuals in her search as she continues to raze the knowledge of land, sea, and sky alike in search of her missing sister.

The parchment which she leaves with the innkeeper is no more or no less than a list, citing her purpose and a way to contact her.  Many of the lines are blank, open for anyone who would like to add their loss to Destiny’s ever-expanding cause.  Otherwise, only two are filled in.  The second name is Adrastia, recorded according to local rumor, whose retrieval might help the Chapter of the Shining Blade piece itself together from its current state of disarray.  The first, and every dearest to Destiny’s cause, is Felicity (Lyssa) Crescentfall.

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The Search Grows Ever Wider Empty Re: The Search Grows Ever Wider

Post  Kyra_Stormshadow Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:43 pm

After sharing a less-than-victorious round of drinks with Charia and Zeff, Destiny approached Tivook’s innkeeper for what must be the third time in so many days.  

“May I see the list which I’ve left with you?” she inquired wearily, her newly-donned armor still desperately in need of modifications, fitting her lithe figure with more than a little awkwardness.  “I would like to make a few revisions.”

So much death, she mused darkly. So much combat.  So many shadows on so many lives.  And all in such a brief window of time.  Destiny was young, even for a half-elf, and yet exhaustion left her looking older than her years as she borrowed the sheet of parchment from the innkeeper.  The second name, Adrastia, she struck out with a single bold stroke.  For better or for worse, the terrible and tumultuous fate of the Chapter of the Shining Blade had revealed the missing paladin’s location.  

Two more names she scrolled underneath the voided name of Adrastia, both obtained in lieu of her recent, unsuccessful foray into the seething wrongness of the eastern woods: Jeremiah: Paladin of Finshi and Kaylee: Monk (last seen in azure robes).  Additionally, she scrawled a note about a rumored human girl, name unknown, observed recently in the caves nearby.  Investigation into those caves revealed no traces of the girl, but Destiny refused to leave out any information which might help the missing find their way home or the families of lost ones find resolution.

With Charia’s help, she at least had a new avenue of information open to her: the animals.  Comfortable though she was with their tongue and their lifestyle, Destiny had never thought to ask the nearby fauna to keep an eye out for her missing older sister and the lost souls of Dohral until Charia proposed it.  A bear in the caves was the first, but not the least of her new line of informants.  

After returning the brief list to the innkeeper’s care, Destiny stepped outside with a handful of birdseed and berries, resolute on employing her new strategy to its fullest extent.  Messengers – furred, feathered, and scaled alike – bore the following introduction:

I am Desi Crescentfall, seeker of wayward kin, bound by blood or nation.

Bring me word of those in need.  And carry my word forward.  

These names I seek: Felicity, Jeremiah, and Kaylee.  These lives I seek: druid, paladin, and monk.  A half-elf woman with silver hair; and two humans, one a male in armor and the other a woman in azure robes.  

I am Desi Crescentfall, seeker of the lost.  Should you find my wayward kin, lost in deed or even in life, find me.  For until I find my sister, until I find them all, I will never,
never stop searching.

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