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The chapter of the shining blade

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The chapter of the shining blade Empty The chapter of the shining blade

Post  Valerion Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:51 pm

A rumor has spread from Esrogoth to the rest of those who take an interest in the shining blade.

Reports say that one night, unearthly screams, moans, and sounds of fighting have been heard inside the headquarters, not long and with a bright light and a loud rumble, the earth shook, the insides of the chapters headquarters have, vanished, the halls themselves are there but most walls are painted with blood, remaining furniture destroyed, corpses laying around, and a lot of rubble blocking any passage through the corridors.

It is quite a gruesome sight to behold, Corpses staked with metal or weird claws to walls, heads torn off or guts pulled out of opened bellies, it looked like a giant bloodshed has happened there.

The remaining survivors, a troup of about fifty men under the lead of the chaptermaster Adrastia has been seen marching towards Tivook, to investigate a possible cause for the sudden catastrophe inside the headquarter itself but was ambushed by a horde of wild, rabid werewolves, reportedly none of the werewolves were actually evil, but just rabid, wild, murderous without any sense of self preservation, taken by suprise, and with no hesitation to even bite through the death promising silver armors, the lycans overrun those who survived the catastrophe of the headquarter, and left almost none alive, except for five Paladins, who were led outside the battle by a blind charge through enemy ranks, every single survivor who got out of this ambush was heavily injured and taken to the temple in Dohral.

The estimated casualties are located at one hundred fifteen men and women dead, two missing, five survived and safe in the temple of Finshi in Dohral, tending to their wounds, and the loss of their comrades.

After one of Adrastias captains, Alvaran, was asked how the chaptermaster was doing in health, the only answer that came over his lips was.
"It looks like she has lost all light in her eyes"

This is indeed a dark day for the chapter, seven out of onehundredtwentytwo have survived, first the still mysterious catastrophe of which no reports exist that detail what has happened except for the earthquake and then the sudden ambush by a horde of lycans, although some are alive, one could say, the chapter of the shining blade has been wiped out, in but a single day.
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