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Thane Williamson

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Thane Williamson Empty Thane Williamson

Post  lstewart4 Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:58 pm

Thane Williamson-
Thane Williamson grew up in a small farming village in a nameless town, nameless in the sense that no one has ever heard of it but its residents, not even the Lord who taxes the people knows the name or where about. Thane grew up simple, learning to farm from his father. The towns men and elders always gathered at the local pub that had a inn attached. Very few travelers stayed at the inn. But when the few did come, they would tell grand stories of adventure. Thane loved when travelers came to tell stories. The town also had a legend about a great hero who saved the town from evil. The hero was named William, and Thanes family clames direct relation to him. Thane wants to become a great warrior and wizard. The legend of William’s tells that he was a great warrior with a great sword, but also had fierce arcane magic.
Thane hopes to make his father proud, but this is almost impossible. His father was a good strong man that worked hard to take care of his family. In an orc raid his father was killed defending his farm. Thane is not as big or strong as his father was. Thane hopes one day to have a wife and family, and one day have a farm of his own to care for. But that is in the future. Now Thane wants to travel and have adventure and make a name for himself, but mostly to raise money to buy his farm and find a wife.
Thane is about medium height of about 5’ 10”. He is not extremely strong, but can hold his own in a fight. He has a scar on his left arm from an attach from a wolf when he was only Thane is very smart for his up brining. He is kind and gentle most of the time, but can be come heated and angry. The biggest turning point was the death of his father when he was 14. After that his almost death from the attack when he was ten.

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