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Server UPDATE(d)

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Server UPDATE(d) Empty Server UPDATE(d)

As many of you know, it has been a rough couple seasons for me here in RL. I lost a beloved pet after a long illness. On the heels of that event, my father entered a hospital with heart issues, was released after they installed a pacemaker, hardly a month later he was back in the hospital for a triple-bypass. Thankfully, father is home now the last couple weeks, doing well and happy to be back again.

Throughout this period of heightened chaos in my life, our (and by that I mean MY and all the servers') dear friend Eriniel steadfastly provided erf after erf, update after update, to my email, with never a unkind word for the fact that I'd not had the ability to concentrate enough to actually put her many fine erf/updates into the module file and push that update out to the server. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS AND KUDOS TO OUR DEAR FRIEND ERINIEL WHO DEFINES THE WORD 'FRIEND'.

I have, at last, assembled the many erfs Eriniel sent, along with the erfs GUEST BUILDERS have sent, fixed the 'corrupt module problem' and pushed the updated module out to the server last night.

THE SERVER HAS BEEN UPDATED (for the first time since April 2013). Many of the fixes you were waiting for are there now. Bless you all, thank you for your loyal support.

Enjoy the server friends.

Be well. Game on!
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