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here is a list i see to use as guide to rp

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here is a list i see to use as guide to rp Empty here is a list i see to use as guide to rp

Post  kenjo Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:16 pm

Remember i am a player the final word are the dm but this is a guide can be help

Here is a list for that I put together form other RP server and sound good for do RP

1) Never talk out of character (OOC) only in character (IC)
2) Never use shout only if your looking for Dm and you try first the dm channel
3) Never talk in party if you need to say something to someone say in tell
4) Never use // to talk out of character in chat only in party if you want to use // to please say in party never in regular chat (remember use tell if you need to OOC)

5) Use * for emotion like *wave* *read* or express some emotion that are not in the sever (if you have a sit emotion in the system not use *sit* only do it sit) like that you will not populate the chat. Remember ** because some player use one * at the end only the to correct some error in writing

6) This is important not player here are psionic not one know what the other do if is far of you, please never try to say thing that your character not know (some server have scry that is the only thing can be for the other please have this in mind )(not mind reader)

7) Have fun if all do role play the server is fun if only 1 player do role play that only one is dumb

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