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Grace Fennerset

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Grace Fennerset Empty Grace Fennerset

Post  Elgate Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:38 am

((This is mostly for DMs, but also for other players who need help remembering all the little facts Grace drops about herself. While I doubt anyone would, if anyone does want to create RP, or even a character, based on information here, give me a shout! :)I dislike playing characters from the same family, as it's always awkward that they never actually meet IG))

Grace Fennerset:
Current Age: 29 (calculate her birthday from the 26th of Feburary 2013, adding on a year from 21 for every 45 days- updated feb 2014)
Race: Appears Human (Shapechanger)
Current level: Druid 11, Shifter 18, (Lycon 1)
Current Intended Level: Druid 20(or 21), Shifter 18, (Lycon 1 (or 2))

Current IG Bio:
This woman moves with a laidback, yet purposeful, air. Dark hazel eyes casually examine her surroundings and combined with her manner of movement, it seems like she is always familiar with her surroundings- or even owns them. Some may read this as arrogance, while others may see it as healthy self-confidence.

Compared to the average human female, this woman is surprisingly tall and well built. She stands at about 6’1 ft  and it wouldn't be difficult to mistake her for a man if her face was covered, as her toned physique combined with her height and lack of feminine curves makes her body type easily comparable to the average athletic man.

However her clothes seem reasonably feminine in style. The cloth seems to be made from natural materials, and has seen better days. The scent of earth and animals clings to them and the woman herself. On her left arm, often partially hidden by her clothes, is an intricate tattoo of runes, circling and interconnecting around her wrist and up her forearm, yet not touching another tattoo upon her left hand. This one seems similar style, yet appears to be an almost lightly glowing green.

In her other forms, people familiar with Grace in that form may recognize her, but as a skilled shifter it would be difficult for those who do not know her or lack the ability to sense transmutation energies to guess she is anything other than the form she is in.
Background Information (Spoilers):
Currently alive family members:
Geraldine Fennerset (Mother,  51 (25 years older than Grace))
Norben 'Ben' Fennerset (Eldest Half-brother, Full brother to Joy, Half-elf,  where abouts currently unknown, been missing for years, If alive 32 (6 years older than Grace))
Joy Fennerset (Eldest Half-sister, Full sister to Ben, Half-elf, Advanced student at the college, No children, 30, (4 years older than Grace))
Harmony  Davis (Youngest Half-sister, Human, Married, Shop-keepers wife, 1 child (used to have 2), 22 (4 years younger than Grace))
Guy Davis (Brother in-law, married to Harmony, Human, Shop-owner)
Alin Davis (Nephew, youngest son of Harmony and Guy Davis, 3)
John Fennerset (Youngest Half-brother, Human, Newly wed, Unemployed, 18 (8 years younger than Grace))

(Grace has had three younger siblings( 2 born before Harmony, one after) die (Stillborn and Infant mortality) and one older sibling (Hope) die all before she was 14. Dorick Davis, oldest son of Harmony, died at six after 'going on an adventure' into the wilds)

Grace's mother, Geraldine Fennerset, was a fish monger with a strong will but a weakness for unusual men. Her first serious lover was an elven man, always referred to as Nerrel, with whom she had three children: Norben, the oldest, she had when she was 19, and Joy and Hope, the twins, when she was 21. For reasons never discussed with her children, Geraldine and Nerrel split apart abruptly when Norben was only six. The children never put two and two together, but Grace's birth seven months later, Grace who was obviously fully human and fathered by a man of 'exotic' origin, may have had something to do with it. A string of lovers over the next decade or so led to many more children being born- not all of who made it out of childhood. Of her younger siblings, only Harmony and John survived. Indeed, even Hope died during her teens due to an unfortunate illness, that Grace has doubts about but never wished to dwell upon ((Implied sexual assault)). It is perhaps this early experience with death that led to Grace having a subdued attitude towards it: You die when you'll die, as everyone will. There's nothing you can, nor should feel obligated to, do about it.

Norben, called Ben by his siblings, and the twins Hope and Joy, were incredibly bright. Ben and Hope were especially eager students, with Joy being slightly shier but just as astute, and they managed to earn their way into the Dohral College. Although Grace was close to her older siblings, especially Ben, she was simply not at their level. Ben ensured Grace learnt to read and write, and insisted upon loosing her common accent and speaking properly (Only way to advance in the world is to make people take you seriously). Indeed, Ben had a large influence on Grace's upbringing- after being abandoned by his father, Ben had become somewhat jaded, and encouraged taking what you can, where you can, from who you can, and seizing every opportunity, as you never know when someone might do the same to you.

As Grace could not attended the schools and college along with her older siblings, and often found the home environment to be stifling, she would explore the city and local areas. Grace was reckless as a youth- any lock she could pick, any fence she could climb, every area reachable; she'd explore. If she hadn't stumbled into a path of a druid in her adventures out into the wilds, she may have likely become a skilled thief. However, she did and she did as her brother had told her to do: she seized the opportunity. She'd never become skilled mages and scholars like her older siblings were, but she still had a good head upon her shoulders- this man had knowledge and skills that seemed amazing to the teenaged Grace. In turn, though, the druid seemed to find her simply amusing, and taught her in a good natured but impatient way. It quickly became apparent that neither was suited for each other, and Grace took what she had learnt and developed her skills by herself.

Her forays into the dock yard led to her discovery of a female panther, likely shipped in for some noble or another. Grace got to talking with her, called her Roger, and set her free. Roger became a near constant companion, and Grace realized she couldn't stay in the city with a fully grown panther following her, and returned to the wilds. Her druidic teachings were not forgotten, but Grace was more drawn to the more free spirited path of becoming a shapeshifter. Becoming a panther was her first form, but not her last. She'd often visit the city again, to sell what ever she had collected in the wilds and to see her family. The Fennersets were quickly growing apart, but were still close in heart. Joy stayed with their mother, and Ben seemed to always be busy with something or another, rarely coming home. Harmony and  John were still with their mother at this point, but were quickly getting ready to make a home for themselves elsewhere. Grace often gives the money she makes to her family, as she rarely has use of it for herself- this has allowed her family to move up in the world and purchase themselves better homes and comfort.

Grace eventually met Fen The Druidess, whose patient and calm presence slowly eased Grace back onto the druid's path, while still encouraging her pursuit of shapeshifting. Later, after becoming a were-bear and being dragged back into the buisness of the circle, Grace found herself loosing her more chaotic nature and slowly submitting to the dogma of the druids- although her interpretations of the rules are still somewhat more unothodox.
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