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Use of Poisons

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Use of Poisons Empty Use of Poisons

Post  Eriniel Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:26 pm


Venomous creatures can be milked for poison by using the Poison Tap glove. This glove is available from specialist stores and requires empty glass potion bottles to store the venom in.

To load the glove with empty vials, equip the glove and use its Unique Power spell on empty glass bottles. These can be purchased or made from placing sand in the smelting forge. Sand can be dug up using the shovel on any sand terrain. The charge count will increase, assume 2 as being empty of vials.

To acquire the venom simply equip the glove (assuming it has more than 2 charges) and free your hands. Then use the glove’s Unique Power spell on the creature you wish to take the venom from. There are many ways to do this safely, but I will not spoil the fun by listing them, but to clarify the creature doesn’t have to be hostile for you to extract venom.

Poisons as normal can be used on PC/NPCs weapons to coat a weapon in poison as nwn standard.

Use poisons on food and drink items just by using the vial on them or cooking with the poison in the cooking spit.

Poisoning the well, for the really evil PC with at least 5 vials of poison to spare (same type). Use the vials on PC's boots (since can't target the floor) when within the drinking range of a well. This will last 5 days.

All actions with Poison will either require the Use Poison feat or a high DEX roll.

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