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The Trial of Aria, in between days. (Thread for things your characters do in between sessions)

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The Trial of Aria, in between days. (Thread for things your characters do in between sessions) Empty The Trial of Aria, in between days. (Thread for things your characters do in between sessions)

Post  Valerion Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:35 am

OOC A small picture how Valerion kind of would sit in this cushioned big seat.
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OOC; Music that would fit the scene.


*Valerion sat in a small room in the Transmental building, mainly filled with chairs, a few small tables, one or two bookshelves and a small crystal orb on a Hawkclaw podest.
His glare, his normally grey glowing eyes, have darkened and he keeps his head shrouded in the shadow of his hood, sometimes the hood turns to the orb, and with a soft stroke of his hand over it the orb slightly radiates in a crimson or rather purple glow.*

"Silver and Amnethyst, the colddrake hunts for prey, his glowing eyes can hypnotize and steal your soul away."
"Have you forgotten, have you lost all that was, do you not know?"
"I am not sure...I am different than back then....but I am not sure if this is entirely my path....and I am not sure what to do with the oppurtunity given to me."
"What can be achieved by having her punished harder?"
*Valerion rubs his chin as the eyes out of the shadow turn to him*
"I am not sure...she is a poor girl after all...." *A soft chuckle can be heard* "But one needs to learn sometimes by the hard way, that some things are not to be done, not only she needs to learn but others aswell..."
"Who are we to teach what we laugh about?"
"A good question, but our creations never ran rampage, we had ourselves under control, WE....are evil...but we revel in our existence, we do not lose our control over it....method in madness, plans within plans"
"Do we have a reason to have her punished hard? The children are out of reach, well cared for"
"We may not take the children...though I am not sure if they are safe in her tending, she needs to learn that she has to be more responsible, she is not like us...she needs to stay true to her heart, and take care of such and what is close to it, responsibly"
"So, a hard punishment for the crimes she did, killing, torture by flame and poison. Using her children as a shield...her past expiriences may show that it was not her own fault, social service did not seem so far off"

*Valerion shakes his head slowly*
"No, a more severe punishment....she said she was unable to bear all burden...about the children we cannot do anything...they are out of our reach to secure their well being...but the fey should treat them well...I hope...but what about her ability to cast arcane magic?
"A bribe, a well done persuasive little rant, could work miracles, though bard magic is arcane too, it is limited...if she becomes a full educated wizard....with such an instable mind, at least for now it would make sense to prohibit her there..."
"You mean, the fines for reperation of the damage, added a fine as a apology money for all people involved, added therapy by the priests of Amaner and the deprival of her knowledge and ability as a wizard? That would make sense, and secure that she perhaps does not freak out like that soon again, after all she said herself she cannot take it, first take one burden, then help her get rid of another one, keeping her controlled, under supervision of a official? She would lose one burden, get helped out of another, and then concentrate on the burden her children may be....and afterwards...once stable allow her to gain power as a wizard?"
"We are unsure if letting her back to becoming a wizard....or other arcane magic user...except for her bardic expirience, she was one half her life after a wise idea, she is too old to gain as great power as we or Haven, or Tsully or you....but still...I am uncomfortable with such might in the hands of such a person"
"You do realize I am not all THAT different, just that I have embraced it and by that learned to control it? But this is my nature, it is not hers, she is not evil nor does she want to cause havoc and misery"
"Yes, but realize....our monopol is threatened by the Arcane masters"
"Let them have it, I still have secrets they will NEVER achieve and things they never will be able to do without me"
"Are you sure about that?"
"I am...I am indeed...unless I decide to teach them....but I will not"
"We still lose a lot of power this way, the artifacts we made, they are not half as good YET...but they perhaps will become....and then we will lose the monopol on the market for such"

"Artifacts should be controlled more strictly anyway, magic is far too dangerous to be in the hands of mundane humans"
"I agree, but those are the rather plain artifacts, not the destructive or constructive forces we know to make...not to mention...we will still have the monopole on those things we know in particular"

"Still....they will be able to make a lot of money"
"We have more than enough, and if necessary there are forces they cannot deliver to, which will have to turn to us."

"I hope you are right, we need to maintain our power basis and dominance on some achieve our goals"
"What goals....has this obsession to overpower others blinded you that much? You have no goals but that one, what for? If we cannot use it for some benefit, why have it?
"So others do not....and so it is secure and in responsible hands."
"You know that is not true"
"Once my thirst for knowledge, to help the new ones and find out what happened with my mentor...was everything, now I hunger only for power....and I will have it."
*With that the other eyes are turning towards him again, nodding*
"So Fines, therapy and deprival of magical powers?"
"So Fines, therapy and deprival of magical powers?"
"So Fines, therapy and deprival of magical powers?"
"So Fines, therapy and deprival of magical powers?"
"If I can achieve him to decide so...yes, if this laid in my hands...I would say this is a just thing...funny, how we come to just conclusions, thinking of what we are"
*A general chuckle goes around in the room, soft murmuring included*
"Well then, that will be all for today"
*He makes a gesture and the light of the orb flickers shortly and goes out, no sound is heared, no movement apparent, but any mage could feel, there was only one person left in the room, Valerion himself"
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The Trial of Aria, in between days. (Thread for things your characters do in between sessions) Empty Re: The Trial of Aria, in between days. (Thread for things your characters do in between sessions)

Post  Pyro Fang Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:28 am

*Sasha stands on the roof in human form watching people leave and enter the court ignoring the gaurds shouts for her to come down from the roof*
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