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Help! I'm bugged!

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Help! I'm bugged! Empty Help! I'm bugged!

Post  Hacatsu Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:09 pm

So my PC fell victim to the wild magic effects, and he (Jax - Male) turned into a woman, yes, that's awkward:| , so I went to that guy who can fix wild magic effects, at first, it looked like it didn't work, the PC remained as an woman, frustrating indeed, so I tried to log out, and when I came back, Jax was manly as he should be, so I though the problem was solved:D , ultil a script message appeared saying - WARNING You missed a character save, save your pc (Cancel polymorph first) - or something like that👅 , so resuming... my PC is stucked in the polymorphed status, and I can't level up🇳🇴 , since you can only level up after the polymorph is canceled. I tried everything, Valerion and Cheria used all kinds of healing spells, they even tried to kill me and ressurect then heal again, but nothing happened. So please, aid me get rid of this curse before it passes on to another victim!affraid 
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Help! I'm bugged! Empty Re: Help! I'm bugged!

Post  Valerion Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:46 pm

Valerion also used Mordekainens Disjunction spell four times, with wizard level 35 and general level 40.
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